Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry: romantic dinner or just comforting each other?

Robbert Pattinson and Katy Perry were spotted at Soho House in Los Angeles on Thursday Aug. 23 having dinner.

Apparently they were just comforting each other after their recent break-ups, but according to The Sun, Rob isn’t the best choice for a girl wanting a shoulder to cry on after a break-up, since he spent most of the dinner starring at Katy’s chest.

A source said: “She wore a tight, sparkly top and Rob was looking at her breasts all night. He tried to avoid it when talking to her but as soon as she looked away to talk to someone else, Rob would sneak a peek.”

Another one said: “She was sat across from Rob but later moved next to him.”
“She was laying on the charm and playing the minx — tossing her head back, laughing at his jokes, touching his arm and twirling her hair.”

This is not the first time the two have been spotted together flirting. Before marrying Russel Brand, Katy was seen flirting with Rob in LA, giving him lifts in her chauffeur-driven car. So it seems like they have quite a history together!

You can never know what can arise from two love deceptions. Maybe a very beautiful romance? We will keep you guys posted about Rob and Katy!

Robert Pattinson agrees: Breaking up feels like the end of the world!

It seems like no matter how much she apologizes, Robert Pattinson isn’t willing to forgive Kristen Stewart.

Kristen made an emotional public apology back in July: “I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected,” she said in a statement to PEOPLE. “This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry.”

Robert finally stepped out and talked for the first time about his break-up with Kristen.

Jon Stewart hosted an interview with Robert on The Daily Show on August 13.  In an attempt to cheer him up,  Stewart offered Rob some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream , joking they were “just a couple of gals” talking about a break-up. Rob replied with another joke saying he wouldn’t eat it because he might “bust out of his Spanx.”

Speaking about the break-up, Jon said: “When you’re young, it feels like the world is ending.” In reply to that, Rob said: “It is.” The reaction of the audience, which was a big “awww”, made Rob laugh though and say he was only joking.



Different role for Jennifer Aniston, as fiancée!

According to PEOPLE, Jennifer accepted her boyfriend Justin Theroux’s marriage proposal last Friday. Considering Justin proposed on his birthday, Jen’s acceptance was probably the best gift he could imagine.

Aniston, 43, and Theroux, 41, starred together in Wanderlust in 2011. They were first seen together in May 2011 and they have been inseparable ever since.

It will be Jennifer’s second marriage – she stepped to the aisle for the first time in 2000 when she married Brad Pitt. For Justin, Jennifer will be his first bride, thought he did have a 14 year relationship with the fashion guru Heidi Bivens, according to The Sun.

And now the inevitable question arises – Is the timing of Jennifer and Justin’s engagement somehow related to Brad and Angelina’s recent engagement, or is it simply coincidence?

Jen has had a rocky love life til now, judging by her divorce after 5 years of marriage to Brad Pitt, along with several other failed celeb relationships with stars like John Mayer, Paul Sculfor and Vince Vaughn, so we hope that this time her luck will turn!

Brangelina Wedding Just a Rumor?

Are Brad and Angelina getting married this weekend?

According to The Sun, there seems to be a real buzz around the couple’s French home this weekend.

Some of the guests gathered at the chateau included Brad’s parents and Angelina’s engagement-ring jeweler. George Clooney is said to be flying for his best friend’s wedding as well. A source said: “George and Brad are best pals, there’s no way he’d miss it.”

Apparently, the guest list consists of only 20 names, which reinforces what Angie and Brad said back in April, when they got engaged, that their wedding would be a small, private affair with family and intimate friends. Multiple other sources tell PEOPLE that there is no wedding going on this weekend, and they may have some valid reasons why.

RadarOnline changed its original statement and is now saying that there is probably nothing going on, based on the following statement made by the deputy culture secretary of Correns to a Reuters reporter. “Under French law, couples have to get married at the town hall. Unlike with a religious wedding, there’s no way a couple can hold a civil ceremony at their own home.”

In addition to that statement, a photographer for X17 News checking out the area said:
“There are NO security guards, NO workers, NO party planners — NOTHING at the property.”

Var Matin, the local newspaper for Correns, says that the wedding will take place on August 18th.

Multiple other sources stated that the event going on at the Miraval chateau, is actually the anniversary of Brad’s parents, Jane and Bill.

Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston at War; Playing Mind Games!

Tabloids have reported that Brad is running back to Jen – and whether that’s true or not, it’s clearly feeding the mutual dislike between the women of Brad.

The longtime feud has been refueled, in part, by both of the jealous, desperate women playing mind games with one another and refusing to back down.

Jen takes digs at Angie by flaunting her relationship with Brad’s family while Angie relishes rubbing Jen’s nose in the fact that she has six kids with Brad.

She might be having another without him, but no matter. The bottom line: “Jen and Angie despise each other and making each other squirm.” Mmmkay.

Among the tricks Angelina Jolie employs? Finding out from designers what dress Jen wants to wear on the red carpet – then going for it herself. Burn!

Meanwhile, Jennifer Aniston makes late night calls to Brad when he’s in France, conveniently “forgetting” the time difference so she will wake Angelina.

As for Brad? He’s “a terrible instigator” and even “eggs it on,” according to reports.

We know they’ve been playing mind games.

But apparently it’s gotten way worse than that.

According to a new tell-all about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the truth about their shaky relationship and Jennifer Aniston’s meddling in it is “shocking.”

In fact, Brangelina: The Untold Story of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie reveals that the pair has “broken up so many times it would make your head spin.”

Tell us about it. He’s been sleeping on the couch / thrown out on the street / running back to Jen / abducting their kids for like three months now!

The book claims Jolie “has a temper like a cobra” and even alleges that she confessed to hiring a hit man to kill her in 1998 because she was so distraught.

Apparently she’s never heard of suicide. Talk about a waste of money. You have to pay the hit man, Angie! And people wonder why we’re in a recession.

Excerpts read by Us Weekly indicate that she and Brad Pitt battle over their six children all the time – as well as his secret meetings with Jennifer Aniston.

“They fight all the time about the kids – where to put toys, saying the wrong thing to a nanny, not cleaning up,” one source reports. “Like cats and dogs.”

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Angelina Jolie denies reports of adopting another child

by wdrwilson

British newspapers have been persistence in this one news from the last several weeks. They have continuously published the news that Angelina Jolie will adopt a child from Haiti considering the recent earthquake mishap the city had to go through. But Angelina Jolie denies all these false rumours and makes it pretty clear that she has no such plans of adopting any child from Haiti. Adam Waldman, Angelina’s advisor confirmed the news that she is in Haiti currently to improve child welfare and safety and not to adopt another child. Waldman also said that Angelina has not even heard of 4 year old names Leah and the British and US newspapers have already published the news of her adopting Leah. He also added that Daily Mirror UK has published several news on her adoption which are all rumours and there is absolutely no truth involved in these news.

Waldman also added that Angelina though is really concerned for the children in Haiti and hence she is in talks with the government officials of Haiti for a new initiative that could provide some relief to these children. This initiative will be completed with the help of Jolie-Pitt foundation. She has also met several legal experts from Haiti and other NGO’s (Non Governmental Organisation) to help her complete this welfare for children for a better future of Haitians.

This is not the first time that Angelina will provide help to the poor. The Oscar winning actress has always come forward to help the needy and this in fact will be the second time she will do something for Haiti. She previously donated million as relief fund during the earthquake in 2010.

Thats some real good work! Get to know more on Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt on our latest celebrity news section on Preview Night.


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Hollywood’s Power Movie Couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Celebrated as Hollywood’s power movie couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie became close friends in their hit film Mr. & Mrs. Smith, where Brad and Angelina portrayed a married couple. Gossip mills reported they were romantically involved during this film, despite the fact, both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie deny any affair took place.

Brad admitted, while working on ‘Troy’ that he and his wife of five years, Jennifer Aniston were having difficulties. Nevertheless, Brad admitted that Jennifer still remains an important part of his life even though they split up during the filming of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, at which time Jolie acknowledged she had feelings for Pitt. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie continue to rebuff reports they were intimate while Brad was still involved with Aniston.

Eventually, the on screen marriage of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, became true to life when Brad and Jennifer broke up and, Angelina and Brad started dating. In a recent rebuttal to tabloid gossip, Brad retorted, people believe Angie and I were sneaking around, that is just not true

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie hooked up after his 2005 divorce from Jennifer, and in 2006, Brad and Angelina had their first biological child together. Together, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have a total of six children, three adopted from third-world countries and three of their own biological children, including twins born in July 2008.

Love and movie stardom are not the only things Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie share, are also sharing the limelight at the Oscars with each receiving a nomination, the lead role for Brad in his Benjamin Button movie and Angelina for her role as Christine Collins in ‘The Changeling’. Both films premiered in late 2008.

Apart from their full acting schedule and busy household, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie love to travel the globe. Even though they have two homes in the USA, recently, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have spent quite a bit of time at their chateau in France. Angelina says the family enjoys traveling and likely, they plan on continuing to traverse the world.

A few current rumors have circulated that the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie love life is on the skids. However both Brad and Angelina admit that they have never been happier and that they have found their soulmates in each other. They recently issued a denial to the split-up rumors stating “The stories are absolutely not true.”

And while we know that they may occasionally journey somewhere around the world in a private jet, Angelina Jolie and Bradd Pitt go out of their way to present themselves as just the typical married couple busy raising a (very large!) family while pursuing their movie careers. All true, except that this Hollywood power movie couple known affectionately as “Brangelina” is not really typical in any way.

Tribute to Beautiful Angelina Jolie!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Jennifer Love’s Got a New Love

It seems that Jennifer Love Hewitt flits from guy to guy, and we all stand back and watch, knowing this too, shall not end well. Maybe it’s something about the name Jennifer in Hollywood (I’m lookin at you, Aniston). They always seem to get a bad rep and be portrayed as pathetic, love-seeking puppies when really, they’re just dating, just like everyone else. But for Jennifer Love Hewitt, it does seem as though she’s been in a bit of a slump lately. Her engagement with Ross McCall ended at Christmastime in 2008, which was followed quickly by a relationship with her Ghost Whisperer co-star, Jamie Kennedy. 

Those two were super cute together, but they broke up this past March, much to the shock of everyone (or maybe, not so much.) The world once again seemed to think that Love was destined to spend her life searching for that special Mr. Love, but who knew if it were to be? Now it seems as though it may be, as Jennifer has picked up her love life right where she left it – being cute and cuddly, holding hands and such. This comes from US,

“Jennifer Love Hewitt has a new guy, the new Us Weekly reports.

She is seeing actor/director Alex Beh, 27.

“She’s so into him,” a pal tells Us of the actress, 31, who split from her Ghost Whisperer costar Jamie Kennedy, 40, in March after a year of dating.

“It’s relatively new,” adds the source of the pair, who enjoyed a romantic date at Katsuya in L.A.’s Encino July 18. “But they’re really cute together. They were holding hands the whole night!”

Okay, so is it just me, or does this new man look like he’s about 12? Maybe I’m just getting old but he looks really, really young to me. I guess she is only four years older than him. Hopefully we’ll see more pictures of these two out as a couple so that we can really see how they look together.

Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes Are Getting Serious

Well it seems that neither Eddie Cibrian nor LeAnn Rimes rushed into something that completely destroyed both of their marriages, just for something that would last just slightly longer than the infatuation high. Or did they? Recently, a source close to the couple has come out saying that the two are going to be moving into LeAnn’s house with her, now that the lease is up on his place and there’s no reason to renew it. Really? Just because you’re dating someone? But I do tend to think it’s true, because it does come from People, the magazine that is becoming more and more known for being the source the celebrities go to when they need a story to “break.” But if the question isn’t whether it’s true or not, should it be if this is too fast after all, for Eddie and LeAnn? The story comes from People via I’m Not Obsessed,

“It just made sense for them,” a source tells PEOPLE. “Eddie’s lease was up and LeAnn’s home was bigger and already familiar to Eddie’s sons.

“It’s somewhere the kids know and it allows Mason to stay in the same school district, which was important to them, that there’s continuity for him,” the source says. “They take [moving in with the kids] with a lot of responsibility. They want to make sure that it was done in the right way.”

Eddie shares custody of his two sons, Mason (who’s seven) and Jake (who’s three) with his estranged wife, Brandi Glanville.

LeAnn’s rep reportedly told People:

“they’re excited for this happy new journey.”

I’ve actually been warming up to the idea of Eddie and LeAnn as a couple, and I actually think that they look kind of cute together. But you don’t have to be inside this relationship to know that it began under very high emotional circumstances. And because of that, I don’t think it would be a bad idea to take just a little while longer to just spend time being a couple, who live in separate places, especially when there are children involved. They have only been public for a little over a year now. Is that really enough time – time that’s not filled with drama – before you rush in and start packing your bags? These two don’t seem to do commitment well, and this seems like a big one.

The Ashley Greene/Joe Jonas Rumors Get Truer and Truer

Well, if Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas are hoping to have a relationship and keep it under wraps, they’re not doing a very good job of it. The two have been seen together repeatedly and every time, the rumors start churning about how the two must be dating. And while I’d like to chalk it up to just two people, who both happen to be under the Hollywood spotlight, hanging out together, I have a feeling that’s not what’s going on. This whole thing just grosses me out so much that it’s going to turn out to be true, I just know it. This latest spotting comes from Pop Sugar,

“Ashley Greene looked giddy with excitement during an afternoon of apartment hunting in LA yesterday. She’s had a busy week going from the gym to the grocery store, and it seems that she even had time to fit in a date — she was spotted having lunch with Joe Jonas on Monday. It wasn’t the first time they’ve been linked, since Joe attended Ashley’s London premiere of Eclipse.”

And don’t forget that Kings of Leon concert that they took in together in London. Ew. Like I said, this whole thing just makes me sick. I don’t understand what the allure to Joe Jonas is. Then again, I’m not a 13 year old girl either but, neither is Ashley Greene. And has she looked at herself? She is gorgeous! She could do so much better. But I have a feeling that these two are in a relationship, and that they’re going to come out with it pretty soon.

Mold Might Be What Killed Brittany Murphy and Her Husband

The deaths of Brittany Murphy and her husband, Simon Monjack, really did seem too similar to just be coincidence, didn’t they? I mean, they died within five months of each other, and they both passed away in the master bathroom of their home. Something just seemed to be very, very wrong. Either that or Simon decided to end his life in the most tragic way possible, which seemed to have been eliminated as a possible reason for his death shortly afterwards. Now though, it seems there might be a much more logical reason for the two deaths. And that reason might be mold. Mold, as we all know, wreaks havoc on the respiratory system. And because they both suffered from pneumonia, the mold just worsened the condition and as a result, both Brittany and Simon died from it. This comes from Celeb Dirty Laundry,

“The investigations into the death of Brittany Murphy and her husband Simon Monjack has taken a new path. Britney passed away from what was believed at the time to be pneumonia complicated by her abuse of prescription drugs and her husband passed away five month later of the same cause. They both died in the same house.

Apparently the Los Angeles Department of Public Health is looking into the matter because they think mold may have actually killed them both. Because both of them had pneumonia and because mold attacks the respiratory system they believe mold may have been the contributing factor in their death. Brittany’s mother Sharon is allowing investigators to examine their home in West Hollywood.”

Well this is not good news at all. But I am happy about one thing, and that’s the fact that all these rumors about Brittany abusing prescription drugs might finally come to a rest. Once again, our thoughts go out to Brittany and Simon’s family. I still can’t watch a movie of hers without feeling incredibly saddened by her passing that was far, far too soon.

Brad and Angie Actually Look Great at the Salt Premiere

So maybe all it was going to take to soften my heart towards Angelina Jolie was her coming out with a total kick ass movie. As soon as I started seeing previews for Salt, I wanted to go see it. I actually want to go to the theater to see it, which is big enough in itself for me, but for an Angelina film? This is huge. Or maybe it’s not the movie at all. Maybe it’s just the fact that she and Brad weren’t crammed down my throat in a little while, and even the promotion that Angie did for Salt didn’t nauseate me. And, just when I can start to admit that I kinda, sorta, might not totally despise Angelina, she shows up at the Salt premiere looking fabulous.

Yes, I said it and yes, I meant it. I think Angie really does look great. I love the shoes, I love the dress, and I especially love that she’s wearing something that in no way resembles a curtain. Classic black and glittery, sparkly. Fab, Ang, really truly fab. And as for Brad? Well, he’s looking much, much better than I’ve seen him in a long time. Gone is that horrible scruff he was wearing around, and he’s back to resembling the Brad Pitt that even I used to once think was hot.

Thanks to Celebitchy for the picture. Their thoughts seem to be that while Brad and Angie might look great, they (or rather she) also looks pretty boring. Hm. Maybe boring looks good on them.

Your Daily Mel Update

Another day, another slew of Mel Gibson headlines. These ones actually center much more around Oksana Grigorieva, and it seems that she’s digging herself a very deep grave. First there was the fact that Oksana released the tapes at all, a direct violation of the terms the family court judge ordered upon her. This led to questions as to whether or not Oksana ruined her custody case, and from the fact that Mel still has joint custody of her kids, that seems to be the case. Now though, it seems she may have ruined another court case of hers, and that’s the one in which she’s taking Mel to court for threatening and beating her.

Apparently, all of the horribleness that Mel spewed out on those tapes won’t be able to be admitted into court because Mel had no idea that Oksana was taping him. And if someone doesn’t know they’re being taped, those tapes and whatever is on them cannot be used in a court case. So she may have just flushed her entire case(s) down the toilet. From The Hollywood Gossip,

“Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson both signed a “short form agreement,” a bare-bones contract outlining the broad components the custody settlement.

The lawyers then drafted a long form agreement which contained specifics, but at that point she refused to sign the deal, claiming that she felt coerced.

Mel never paid Oksana under the deal, as the short contract didn’t spell out the specifics of payment and Oksana refused to sign the longer one that did.

Meanwhile, some of Grigorieva’s text messages to Gibson have surfaced that could make their secretly-recorded conversations inadmissible in court.

Oksana clearly recorded the conversations without Mel’s knowledge, and if a person isn’t told the conversation is being recorded, it’s not admissible.

Of course, if she feared for her safety and believed the call related to the commission of a felony (and he did threaten to kill her), it’s a legal gray area.

However, reports say she sent Mel several text messages in which she states she recorded the phone calls because Mel didn’t keep his part of the deal.

Mel’s lawyers will likely use Oksana’s texts to prove she was after money. Her side counters that if she were after money, she would have just signed.”

I can see that those tapes would not be admissible because they were unknowingly recorded. But, I think that her side is right. If she was just after money, I do think she would have just signed the deal once Mel offered it to her. And that’s not the only way that Oksana’s story might not have the momentum that it did when the story first broke, because her dentist is now giving conflicting reports as to whether or not her broken teeth were due to the fact that she had been struck in the mouth. Initially, the doctor had reported that the damage to her teeth was due to a chain reaction after being hit in the head, but that there was no actual hit to the mouth. Now, he’s changed his story saying that Oksana definitely was hit in the mouth, and that’s how her teeth became damaged. This comes from TMZ,

“The dentist who examined Oksana Grigorieva the day after the January 6 showdown with Mel Gibson now says she was indeed struck in the mouth.

A representative for Dr. Ross Shelden tells TMZ, “Based on Dr. Shelden’s observations and his experience, Oksana sustained injuries from being struck twice, once in the side of the head and once in the mouth.”

TMZ broke the story … the dentist privately said last week there was no swelling or bruising on Oksana’s mouth and believed the damage to her veneers was caused by a “chain reaction” caused by a blow to the left temple. The doctor had said there was no evidence of a strike to the mouth.

But the rep now says the doctor will go on record saying there was indeed a blow to Oksana’s mouth.”

So, is anyone buying Dr. Shelden’s newest story? I’m certainly not, and I think it reeks of a huge payoff. Too bad though, because it’s certainly going to discredit Oksana’s story and I want to see Mel burn for what he did. Unfortunately, he probably won’t, just like so many other celebrities that don’t seem to be held accountable for their actions. This latest on what will or will not happen to Mel, comes from Celebrity Gossip, along with the rebuttal from Mel’s camp as to the story that ran a few days ago about how Mel was moving to Australia. From Celebrity Gossip,

“Following a shocking week of profanity laden audio tape releases, Mel Gibson’s future has become the focal point of media outlets around the globe.

With numerous rumors stemming from the Oksana Grigorieva breakup accusations, insiders tell that the “Lethal Weapon” actor will most likely not be facing any jail time once all is said and done.

Asked by People magazine if Gibson will land behind bars, L.A. prosecutor Jeffery Rubenstein tells, “I doubt it. At most, Mel will probably be charged with misdemeanor domestic violence. Oksana’s alleged injuries don’t seem to rise to a felony level and because Mel has no serious prior convictions, that’ll also lessen his chances of a felony. His alleged threats, while horrifying and completely over-the-top, aren’t necessarily a crime; there has to be evidence of a real intent to carry them out. If convicted, he’ll probably get probation and counseling.”

Meanwhile, it has also been claimed that Mel is planning on heading to Australia with his ex-wife during the tumultuous times in his personal life.

The Daily Mail reports, “Mel Gibson’s recent troubles have driven him to put an ocean between himself and ex Oksana Grigorieva as he is quitting Hollywood and moving to Australia!”

Debunking the Land Down Under relocation, a rep for the 54-year-old actor says that there is “no truth” to the Daily Mail story.”

So unfortunately, it’s looking like Mel Gibson might escape jail time and I suppose that when you look at the facts, he really didn’t do anything that was illegal, with the exception of beating his wife. But to be honest, I’m not too sure how much jail time domestic violence cases get, and it’s certainly not the life sentence that I would like Mel to receive. And even though the things he said were heinous, it’s really not against the law to be an ass, although I’m sure Oksana’s lawyers could trump up an “uttering death threats” charge too. Still won’t be enough time if you ask me.

Cameron Diaz and A-Rod are Still Going Strong

Even though you’d never know it. Cameron Diaz and A-Rod are both keeping pretty hush-hush about their relationship, even when they’re at a Yankees party with all the players and their wives. That’s where they were just recently but, Cameron and A-Rod stayed on separate sides of the room, while Cameron chatted up the wives and hung out with them for most of the night. Not surprisingly, this scored huge points with said wives, and because of it and the fact that Diaz isn’t attention-seeking like A-Rod’s ex, Kate Hudson, the wives sound as though they’re giving her the stamp of approval. From Contact Music,

“CAMERON DIAZ kept her distance from her rumoured boyfriend ALEX RODRIGUEZ at a birthday bash on Sunday (18Jul10) – by spending the whole night mixing with the wives of his New York Yankees team-mates.

The actress has gone to great lengths to keep her reported romance with the sports ace out of the public domain, but recently referenced their relationship in a magazine interview, saying, “I grew up with the (Los Angeles) Dodgers, but now I’m a Yankees fan.”

And the pair kept a low profile at a party for baseball player CC Sabathia’s 30th birthday in New York – Diaz arrived separately from Rodriguez and they spent most of the evening apart, according to New York Post gossip column PageSix.

The publication reports the Charlie’s Angels star was a huge hit with his team-mates’ partners – because she didn’t attract attention like his previous Hollywood girlfriend Kate Hudson.

An insider tells the publication, “Cameron doesn’t cling to A-Rod like Kate Hudson, whose front row antics didn’t go down well with the wives. Cameron kept it low-key and hung with the girls. She and Alex stayed on opposite sides of the room but they kept glancing and smiling. He didn’t look at another girl.”

So, if Cameron is making sly comments about how much she loves Rodriguez’s baseball team, could this mean that the two are planning on going public with their relationship sometime soon? While the wives may not appreciate that so much, I certainly would. I’ve never thought too much of Alex Rodriguez, mostly because I don’t watch baseball and I think he’s ugly. But, I do love Cameron Diaz, and I think that she’s pretty enough to make them a cute couple all on her own.

And seriously, what’s with all the hate on Kate Hudson? We didn’t see that much of her when she was with A-Rod, although certainly more than we’re seeing Cameron. And the Yankee fans loved her, thinking that she was bringing good luck to the team! I guess the wives had a different opinion.

Mel Gibson Could Be Shipping Out – Is Robyn Going With Him?

Just when you thought Mel Gibson’s world couldn’t get any weirder. It seems that Mel has listened to public outcry regarding this latest scandal with Oksana and his violent beating that took out two of her teeth, as well as made her the subject to horrible degradation and threats. Now, Mel is thinking about going to live in Australia. I guess he thinks that those in the land down under either haven’t yet heard about how he’s a wife-beater, or they just don’t care. Whatever the case is, he is seriously considering a move and has sold one of his properties, with another property being on the market as well. This isn’t the strange news though. What’s even weirder is that his first wife, Robyn, is considering going with him. This latest comes from Digital Spy,

“Mel Gibson is reportedly preparing to leave America and move back to Australia.

The actor, who is currently involved in a domestic violence investigation with ex-partner Oksana Grigorieva, has sold his New York mansion and put his Malibu home on the market, according to The Mail on Sunday.

A source claimed that Gibson’s personal troubles have brought him closer to his ex-wife Robyn, saying: “Oksana’s allegations have united Mel and Robyn and this move is her idea.

“She is shocked and furious at this woman’s lies and their seven children are shocked. Robyn has never seen a violent side to him.

“She has persuaded him that he needs to get away from Hollywood and find peace on his ranch and she will go with him along with some of the children.”

Okay, once again I have to stress the fact that just because Mel didn’t hit Robyn, it doesn’t mean that he didn’t hit Oksana. And as for Oksana’s lies, Mel hasn’t even come out to say that her allegations weren’t true, or that it’s not his voice on the tapes. And speaking of tapes, does anyone need to be reminded that there are actual tapes out there? That most of the world has heard?! So how can this be a lie? And at this point, even if Mel comes out and denies it, I’m not going to believe it. 

Secondly, isn’t it a little weird that Robyn is about to run off to Australia with Mel? Are these two not in the middle of getting a divorce? And just recently, Robyn has made it clear that she’s going to divorce Mel so I don’t understand why you would leave your home and go live halfway across the world with your ex-husband. Every time Robyn’s name comes up in this whole mess, it just proves one thing to me. She might be almost as screwed up as her ex-husband is.

Carrie Underwood’s Wedding Pics

I knew it wouldn’t be all that long before we got pictures of Carrie Underwood’s wedding and I was right! Recently, People released a bunch of pictures from the wedding that showed everything from Carrie’s wedding dress, reception dress, the cupcake cake, and the hockey puck wedding favors that Carrie and Mike handed out to their guests. All of the pics are super cute and just make me really, really wish that I had been invited! There are so many pics, and you can check out the gallery at Amy Grindhouse.

Your Daily Mel Update

I’m already so sick of talking about Mel Gibson. But I have a feeling that this is one of those stories that is going to go on and on, and so many things are going to happen that it will seem as though we’re never going to get from it. Hopefully there will be an end to it all at some point but for now, some new information about Mel has been released.

The first new Mel news to break today was the fact that Robyn Gibson, Mel’s very soon to be ex-wife, has submitted a letter to the court defending Mel. Robyn, who was heavily scorned when Mel left her for Oksana, has given a statement to the court saying that while he was married to her, Mel never abused her or their children. And while she makes it clear that she is divorcing Mel, she also specifically states that he was a wonderful, loving father. TMZ was the first to pick up the scoop,

“Mel Gibson’s soon-to-be ex-wife, Robyn, has written a sworn declaration on behalf of Mel, saying he has never physically abused her or any of their children in the 28 years they were married … TMZ has learned.

We’ve learned in the declaration, Robyn writes, “Mel never engaged in any physical abuse of any kind toward me before, during or after our marriage.” Robyn also says there was never any domestic violence perpetrated by Mel against any of their children.

We’ve learned the declaration was filed with the court this morning. We’re told Robyn’s declaration will also be submitted to the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department when Mel’s lawyers present their evidence to deputies next week.

In the 1-page declaration, Robyn acknowledges that she is divorcing Mel but says, “Mel was a wonderful and loving father.”

Robyn — who is widely respected in Hollywood — could ultimately be very powerful ammo for Mel.”

Umm, can I just ask – What the hell is wrong with people? Why is Robyn defending Mel? Just because Mel didn’t hit her doesn’t mean that he didn’t hit Oksana. And while I usually agree with TMZ, I don’t know why Robyn’s word would be so powerful. It seems at this time that it is Mel’s voice on all five of those tapes that have been released. And neither he nor his reps have come out to say anything differently so I think we’re all safe to assume so until we hear otherwise. So, whether or not Mel hit Robyn, again I have to ask – What does it matter? So you don’t abuse one person, even though you’re together for a long time, and that gives you a pass to abuse someone else? I just don’t get what Robyn is trying to do, or how this is supposed to help Mel’s case. I certainly hope it doesn’t. 

And onto other Mel news. The family court case that Mel and Oksana have been involved in has had some sort of decision made on it, at least for the time being. This too comes from TMZ and according to them, the judge in the case has ruled that Mel will currently keep the visitation agreements he had a year ago, before all of Mel’s crap hit the fan. From TMZ,

“Sources tell TMZ the judge in the Mel Gibson/Oksana Grigorieva custody battle is keeping the status quo, meaning Mel still has visitation rights with his daughter, Lucia — at least for now.

Mel’s visitation agreement — signed off on by both parties earlier this year — provides for daytime visits and one overnight a week.”

Who knows what’s going to be made of that or how long it will last for? It might last for a long time, even permanently. Oksana was under strict court order not to release those tapes and now that they’ve been leaked, it could ruin Oksana’s court case entirely. And this ruling would be a good indication that that is exactly what has happened. Of course, Oksana is saying that she did not release the tapes and that she has no idea who could have done it. You can check out that particular story line at Hollywood Gossip if you’re not so sick of this Mel Gibson mess that you could puke.

Aside from that, there are also the allegations that Oksana edited the tapes, and that Oksana has blackmailed Mel in the past with the tapes, and that Oksana has also claimed that she has photographic evidence of the abuse she underwent from Mel. My head is spinning.

Mel Gibson – Could it Get Any Worse?

Mel Gibson just keeps sinking deeper, doesn’t he? First there were the tapes that had him recorded as saying that he hoped his ex, Oksana, got raped by a pack of n***ers because she would deserve it. And now, new tapes have been released. These tapes have Mel talking about how he’s “going to put her in a rose garden” and he admits (by omission of denial) that he hit her in the face while she was holding their infant child. 

These new tapes are going to put the final nail in the coffin for Mel. People seemed to be pretty forgiving after his anti-Semitic rant a few years back but I don’t think he’s coming back from this one. The world seemed to have blamed that ’06 rant on Mel’s alcoholism but, he’s really got no excuse for this one. It’s clear to anyone who’s heard the tapes that he’s sober and that he’s fully aware of the gravity of the situation. The excerpts from these latest tapes come from Celebrity Dirty Laundry,

“Mel Gibson – who has been dropped by his agent in the light of audio tapes which hear him threaten former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva with burial in a rose garden – is heard in newly released clips telling her during an argument she should be hit around the head. Tapes revealed to hear him say: “You need a f***ing bat around the head. Alright, how about that?”

At a later point in the tape Russian-born Oksana says: “You’re going to answer one day, boy, you’re going to answer.” The Braveheart actor responds asking her if she is threatening him, to which she says: “I’m not the one to threaten.” Mel adds: “Threaten ya? I’ll put you in a f***ing rose garden you ****. You understand that? Because I’m capable of it. You understand that?”

An extended release of a previous clip also hears Mel admit to hitting the Russian singer in the face while she held their two-month old baby Lucia. She says: “What kind of man is that? Hitting a woman when she’s holding a child in her hands? Breaking her teeth twice in the face! What kind of man is that?” Mel responds: “Oh, you’re all angry now! You know what, you f***ing deserved it.”

And this time, those horrific words aren’t just horrifying to you and me, but to Mel’s good buddies too. Not only has his agent dropped him, but Whoopi Goldberg, who is known to have been very good friends with Mel, called him an ass on The View and reportedly, many of his other friends have said that he’s “in a dark place” and that they’re not ready to support him on this one publicly or privately. 

Mel Gibson though, is still trying to take Oksana to court for extortion, as it’s rumored that she threatened him with leaking the tapes and told him that if he paid up, she would keep her mouth shut. Whatever. I guess if that extortion case goes his way, which I don’t think it will, it will be the only income that Mel ever sees again.

Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene Might be Dating – Ew!

OK! magazine has recently run a story that alludes to the fact that Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene might be dating. This speculation comes after the two went to a Kings of Leon concert together in London. So you know that just because these two spent some time together, they’re automatically hooking up. I think that this may have just been a case of two people enjoying each other’s company, and gossip-thirsty OK! making the most out of it. From OK!,

“He may have walked the red carpet with Nikki Reed at the Eclipse UK premiere, but Joe Jonas is getting cozy with another on-screen vampire — Ashley Greene! The hot young Hollywood duo have been spotted out together in London, a source tells OK! exclusively.

“Ashley brought Joe to the Kings of Leon concert in London, and there was definitely something going on, but it’s not serious,” a source tells OK!. “They went backstage and she was talking to the band a lot, and he was just hanging out.”

While there may be only some sparks flying between the pair, Joe, 20, seems very into Ashley, 23.

“I think he wants it to be more than she does right now,” the source adds. “She’s a maneater.”

Ashley Greene hasn’t been that big for that long. I don’t think anyone had even really heard of her before she appeared in Twilight. So to call her a “maneater” at this point seems a little bit like jumping the gun to me. And I also don’t think that Joe Jonas is all that innocent (or kind to girls) himself. Has OK! forgotten that this is the same guy that broke up with Taylor Swift over the phone? 

I seriously hope that there’s nothing going on between these two. I really, really love Ashley Greene and I really, really hate Joe Jonas. Luckily, I do think that this is a case of OK! simply making too much of two people hanging out together.

Demi and Ashton on Ridiculous Cleanse

There’s always been something that bugs me about Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. I can’t say exactly what it is. The age difference doesn’t even matter to me. They just always seem to act like they’re so much better than everyone else and Demi’s always preaching about being “all-natural” and “organic” like if you’re not, you should be shot.

The newest all-natural thing they’re doing is going on the Master Cleanse. The cleanse that states that, for some ungodly reason, you need to eat only water with cayenne pepper, maple syrup, and lemon. I’m not sure why the two are doing this. Demi posted on her Twitter account about how hard the cleanse was, and Ashton did the same. Not only that, but Demi stresses very adamantly that the cleanse is about being healthy. Umm…has anyone seen Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher lately? They’re two very pretty people. They’re not obese, they’re not sickly-looking. So really, why do they need to starve themselves and eat (or rather drink), ridiculous combinations of foods? This comes from US Weekly via Celebitchy,

“The couple that deprives themselves together…?

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have gone on the super-strict Master Cleanse together, they announced on Twitter.

The eating plan — which Beyonce also used to slim down for Dreamgirls — features “meals” that consist of maple syrup, lemon water and cayenne pepper.

Moore, 47, swears she’s not doing it to lose weight. “This is about health!!!” she Twittered on Sunday.

She added shortly after, “2nd day of master cleanse and off to hike with hubby and the dogs. 2nd day better than the 1st!”

Still, she may not make it much longer. “Let you know if I make it to day 4,” she told one of her followers. 

Kutcher, 32, is having an even harder time. “9 hrs into the master cleanse. I want a steak, a beer, and a blow-pop. Hmmm this is gonna be rough,” he wrote Saturday.”

I don’t really care if Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher want to do stupid things to their bodies. But they have a lot of fans (such as the one Demi responded to) that will think it’s cool to go on this diet just because their favorite celebs do. And, according to Wiki and some experts it cites, this cleanse really should only be used for weight loss. And even then, weight will be regained once the cleansing is stopped. 

As for doing it for other “health” reasons – some say that the cleanse is also used to rid the body of toxins that it contains. But, the really natural way to do that is to let your own body rid itself of toxins. And that’s what our systems are for – to pretty much maintain themselves and take care of toxins on its own. That’s why, way back before the Master Cleanse ever came to be, people weren’t dropping dead because they were riddled with toxins. 

The whole entire thing is just so ridiculous to me. Doing ridiculous things to help your body with something that it doesn’t need any help with! And it just gives me more validation in thinking that Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are idiots.