BFF: Acronym for ‘Best Friend Forever’ (Ex. Paris used to be Nicole’s BFF…)

Boyfriend, Boyfriend, Boyfriend: One’s crush (Ex. OMG! Channing Tatum is my boyfriend, boyfriend, boyfriend)

BTW: Acronym for ‘By the way’ (Ex. Oh..btw..Paris & Nicole are totally friends again)

Canoodle: Get cozy, hold hands, whisper sweet nothings, make-out (Ex. Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minillo were totally canoodling at Hyde Lounge)�

Dirt: Gossip, hearsay, inside scoop (Ex. Hollywood Heartbreaker gives you the dirt inside Hollywood divorces)

Dramarama: Making a huge deal out of something (Ex. Did you hear about the dramarama going on last night at Tao?)

Dunzo: Broken Up, Split up, Separated, Divorced. (Ex. Travis Barker & Shanna Moakler are totally buy foot massager dunzo!)

Fug: F–kin’ Ugly (Ex. OMG! She looks sooo FUG! today.)

Hump-able: An unmarried male or female celebrity that is worthy of humping…dry humping..wet humping..whatever humping you feel comfortable with. (Ex. Channing Tatum is the most hump-able man I’ve ever seen)

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