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Vince Vaughn is a Married Man!

Many girls and women around the globe were disappointed when they learned back in March that Vince Vaughn was engaged. And now they’ll be even sorrier to hear that, unlike so many other Hollywood engagements, this one actually took! Vince Vaughn married Kyla Weber this past New Year’s weekend. And in true Vaughn fashion, he […]

Vince Vaughn is Engaged!!

This is shocking news as one of Hollywood’s cutest and funniest bachelors, Vince Vaughn, is about to officially be taken off the market. No one even seemed to know that he was dating someone and that’s just the way he wanted it. Part of his secret was falling in love with an ‘unknown’ Canadian real estate […]

John and Jen are On Again

Well this is very disappointing news for me. It seems that all that talk about John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston always talking on the phone and not being able to stay away from each other was actually more than just talk. This past weekend saw them getting together and being very cozy, as one can […]

Jennifer Aniston Only Interested in On-Screen Drama

I guess this may seem like the only alternative to Jennifer Aniston at the moment after recently having her failed love life displayed time and time again everywhere you looked. She has now decided to pursue her career and focus on her acting and most likely, her directing as she showed such a passion for […]

Poor Jen; Still Pining For Brad…

Jennifer Aniston and her British boyfriend, model Paul Sculfor, have split up. Jennifer has supposed pulled the plug on their romance because their busy schedules, and equally time-consuming careers keep them from seeing too much of each other. Jennifer, 38, and Paul, 36, a former body builder, haven’t seen each other for weeks, since Paul […]