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Jake Pavelka is an Idiot

I don’t think I’ve ever hated any Bachelor quite as much as I hate Jake Pavelka. The guy is obviously a fame whore, and I don’t think he really cared who he picked, as long as it kept him on TV for just a little while longer. But now apparently, Jakey-pooh needs some closure, and […]

Jake and Vienna: Splitsville!

Seriously, if I were to ever appear on The Bachelor, and I wouldn’t be because I think it’s an embarrassment to women, I’d want to be one of the women that wasn’t chosen. Because two people walking away from the show seeming to be “happy and in love”, eventually end up broken-hearted and lonely a […]

The Bachelor Scandal: Jake and His Other Woman add water or milk to scrambled eggs

I don’t watch The Bacheloranymore. Mostly because I realized that watching hot yet desperate women vie for the scramvled eggs and the attention of scrambled eggs recipes and of one man kills more brain cells than crack. But for those of quick easy scrambled eggs and of you who are interested in Jake Pavelka, the […]