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It’s Nice When Multimillionaires Find Each Other

On Saturday, reps for Uma Thurman confirmed that she was engaged to her boyfriend of one year, Arpad Busson. Uma is mostly known for her role as Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction and she has also starred in Kill Bill and My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Arki, as he’s known to friends, is a financial expert. From […]

Celebs NOT having a baby

Line up all of the women celebrities currently wandering around Hollywood and ask the one’s that aren’t pregnant to step forward. You’ll see about three. Okay, there are at least five that are denying pregnancy rumours. Since the list of confirmed pregnancies is just too long, here are stars that aren’t pregnant. Or at least, […]

Ethan Hawke Knocks Up Former Nanny!

Back when Ethan Hawke was still married to Uma Thurman, amazing, sexy woman that she is, he made a special bond with their nanny. Yeah. Their nanny. The help. Good god. Anyway, after Ethan and Uma Thurman headed out to Splitsville, he took the nanny with him. Damn, harsh. Now, Ethan Hawke‘s former hired help, […]

Uma Thurman is single again…

Uma Thurman and hotelier Andre Balazs have ended their three-year, on-again, off-again relationship. The breakup of Thurman, 36, and Balazs, 50 – who had begun dating in late 2003 – takes place amid rumors that the couple were planning to wed in the Caribbean this summer.