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Paris Hilton And Cisco Adler Drooling On Each Other In Public

Paris Hilton is apparently still shopping around, even though in a previous article, barely a week ago, Paris was running around with a moron from Australia, Tyler Atkins, t-shirt designer and apparently, amateur pharmacist. Who’s the lucky guy this week? Cisco Adler; sloppy seconds of Mischa Barton, and grunge-o extraordinaire. The guy just looks plain […]

Paris Is Now Dating Short Bus Passengers

Paris Hilton‘s rumoured new boyfriend, Tyler Atkins, has what the French call, that certain je ne se quois… Down’s Syndrome. He’s a T-shirt designer from Australia, and the two were spotted canoodling and making out in Malibu last weekend. Of course, just because Paris is making out with a guy, doesn’t mean she’s dating him. […]