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Tony Romo is Movin On

When Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson split up earlier this summer, mostof the blame was placed on Jessica’s shoulders. Either she was drinking and partying too much, or she had a bad case of jealousy. Either way, it was Jessica’s fault, and I didn’t like it. Mostly because I think Tony Romo is a giant […]

In the Most Immature News of the Day

There’s nothing that says, “I’m taking the high road” after a breakup than posting signs telling people how much you dislike your ex. That’s exactly what Tony Romo has done with Jessica Simpson, after she’s kept relatively quiet post-split. Nope, she’s not welcome there, nuh uh. Tony Romo has actually posted a sign on the […]

Tony Romo Should Keep his Mouth Shut

When it comes to the whole Jessica Simpson/Tony Romo split, I was sort of rooting for Tony Romo. I don’t watch football and don’t really pay too much attention to athletes other than NHL players so I really never knew too much about him except that he was some sort of big-time star. And that […]

Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson: Splitsville!

Wow, I didn’t see this one coming! I really thought that Jessica Simpson would have Tony Romo entrenched in herself as much as she is for a very, very long time. And I also sort of expected that she would con him into doing a show after they got married. Something along the lines of […]

Are Jessica and Tony in Trouble?

From her supposed ‘weight issues’ to the reality of her failing music career, Jessica Simpson has not had an easy go of things lately. And it seems to deal with things, she has gone the route of many other major stars – she has taken to partying until all hours and hitting the bottle – hard. […]

Is Simpson Happy? Or in Denial?

Jessica Simpson has had a tough go of it lately, first with this huge supposed ‘scandal’ over her weight (which was probably 3 pounds in actuality) and then her breakdown on-stage just a week ago when she was opening for Rascall Flatts. There was brief speculation that her downward spiral may have been due to problems […]

Jessica’s Michigan Meltdown

Jessica Simpson has been under heavy fire lately, first for the few pounds that she gained and debuted at a radio promotion just a couple of weeks ago and now for having a meltdown during a show in Michigan. During the show, she was opening for RascallFlatts and kept forgetting the lyrics to her own songs […]

Carrie Underwood Scores with Mike Fisher

It’s just now being reported that Carrie Underwood is dating Mike Fisher, who is the second line center for the Ottawa Senators but apparently, this relationship has been going on for months and the two are extremely happy together. Aw, this relationship makes me so happy I could cry! One of my favorite singers and a player […]

Say It Isn’t So!

It must be difficult to not only be a celebrity but to be a celebrity and also have your sibling be a celebrity must make for one messed up relationship. When Ashlee Simpson first exploded onto the music scene, it seemed as though she was determined to prove that she was nothing like her older sis, […]

Is Carrie Underwood an Idiot?

I really love Carrie Underwood and I always thought ‘that would be the day that I would write something about bad about her,’ but some of her more recent public comments really have me wondering if the bright lights have really gotten to her in a not-so-good kind of way. The first interview that got […]

More Carrie Romance Rumors chia seeds and high blood pressure

Since she began dating Tony Romo and their subsequent breakup, people have been very interested in Carrie Underwood’s love life. And since she’s one of chia seed benefits and of my favorite artists, I always have been too. The last rumor had her hooking up with Michael Phelps in what looked to have the are […]

Are Jessica and Tony Planning a Wedding?

Everyone knows that Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo are super-serious about each other but it seems that these two may be ready to take things to another level. It’s recently been reported that they are planning a wedding, and it sounds as though it will be early next year. This is what Ninja Dude had […]

Stupid Jessica Simpson Quote of the Day

Tony and Jessica are Shackin Up!

Yes it’s true. Apparently, Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo are planning on moving things right along with their relationship as it’s been almost a year now and so it’s time to move in together before marriage. I guess Jessica wants to work out the ‘kinks’ that come with living someone before they decide to get […]

Carrie and Michael Getting Along Swimmingly

Ever since her breakup with Tony Romo, people have been talking about who Carrie Underwood’s potential replacements may or may not be and we have all been ear-marking the stars that we would most love to see her with. Well it seems that Ms. Underwood was paying very special attention this year to the 2008 […]

Does Tony Romo Want Carrie Back? depression and pms

Recent news about Tony Romo continuing to call Carrie Underwood after their big split has had people (well okay, me) wondering if he wants the st johns wort pills and the country singer back. Tony dated Carrie before he began dating his current girlfriend, Jessica Simpson. I think if Carrie and Tony were especially close, […]

Ashlee and Pete Tie the Knot!

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz finally got married on Saturday, May 17. Although the couple did not have a long engagement, it seems as though the hype surrounding their wedding and their first expected child has been going on forever. From US, “Approximately 150 guests gathered beneath white tents erected on the Simpson property to […]

Biggest Reunions of the Week pineapple mango smoothie recipe

Stars in Tinseltown are always hooking up, breaking up, and getting back together it seems. It’s hard to know what’s rumour and what’s fact but there are some stories that just can’t be denied. Here are this week’s stories of mango pineapple smoothie and of stars that are making a love reconnection, as well as […]

Headlines No One Cares About

Yes, it’s true. Even in the soap opera world of Hollywood, sometimes the media and bloggers just don’t have much to report on. Either that, or the stars in the news are those that no one cares about in general. This week the web waves were filled with news that just goes to show that […]

Jessica Does Dallas

Jessica Simpson has been in the news recently regarding her relationship with Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys quarterback. The most recent update on this duo is that Simpson is planning to walk down the aisle for the second time. MSN Music states, “A source close to the couple stated, “Jessica has never been happier than she […]