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More Checks on Eva’s *Bump*

Just recently people were once again all over Eva Longoria, trying to compare her waist measurements and comparing new/possible pregnant pics to old/definitely not pregnant pics. And it seems that the time may have come upon us once again. People are just dying for this woman and her husband, Tony Parker, to get pregnant so […]

More Eva Pregnancy Rumors

Eva Longoria claimed a few months ago that she was sick and tired of everyone asking ‘Is she? Or isn’t she?’ in regards to her, her belly, and her husband, Tony Parker. But just weeks ago, someone from Eva’s camp slipped and told the press that she and Tony were in fact desperately trying to […]

Are Eva Longoria and Tony Parker in the Same Court?

Ever since Eva Longoria has gushed about how much she wants to have all of those babies her and hubby Tony Parker have been dodging pregnancy rumors and trying to make sure that her svelt figure is shown in pictures so that a big purse is not mistaken for a pregnancy bump. This is what […]

What’s Eva Hiding?

It seems that people need Eva Longoria to be pregnant. She now has rumors for a second time around that she is indeed, expecting a baby. From the Daily Blabber, “The rumor mill is in high gear and people are swearing that Eva Longoria Parker is pregnant — again. This is a shot of Eva […]

Eva Longoria & Tony Parker: DUNZO?!

Well, we aren’t sure exactly. According to some skank out there, floating around, she says that she’s letting Tony Parker do all sorts of fun things to her, because Tony Parker complains, claims said skanky female, of Eva Longoria being a cold fish in bed. From The Times Of India: “Eva Longoria and hubby Tony […]

An Eva Longoria Sex Tape?!

Ooooh, every man on the computer is searching through Google right now, looking for links to the hottie from Desperate Housewives. Eva Longoria supposedly has a sex tape floating around the internet, but others thinks it’s just another case of circulating rumours. From The Post Chronicle: “While flipping through the channels since everyone left work […]