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Pamela’s Kids Pay for her Past

Pamela Anderson Denies Dating Rumors

I knew that this whole thing about Pamela Anderson and Michael Jackson dating had to be a joke and it turns out that Pamela Anderson thinks so as well. She will appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today and as usual, Ellen asks personal questions while keeping it light enough that the guests don’t even […]

Rick Salomon & Pam Anderson: Marriage Between Magic Shows Dissolves

Why did these two even get married? What kind of woman looks at a video with some guy f*cking Paris Hilton, and says “Oh, he’s for me!” Who does that? Pam Anderson, of course. The woman who saw Tommy Lee, and saw him not as a sweaty, womanizing, dirt encrusted scumbag, but as a kind […]

Pamela Anderson Is Servicing The Homeless

…With Thanksgiving dinner. Which is great and all, you know, since her life is in shambles, but it might be hard being in a crowd of people who look a lot like both Tommy Lee and Kid Rock. From Hollyscoop: “Let’s forget for a moment what a trainwreck Pamela Anderson has been lately and focus […]

Pamela Anderson & Old, Amateur Porn Star Are Engaged

Pamela Anderson is engaged… again. And this time, the man with dubious luck isn’t a bad-boy rocker, he’s a bad-boy poker player! According to Pam, she was playing poker in her hotel suite one evening with Rick Soloman, the very same Rick Soloman who achieved fame and notoriety after making an incredible sum off of […]

Celebrity Nibbles

So you think the stars don’t watch? In our first Nibble, Bruce Willis dropped in on “aintitcoolnews.com” to supposedly get a feel for how his fans felt about him, and their thoughts on his work. Of course they refused to believe “Walter B.” was him. From the Enquirer: “Then Walter B‘s [webcam] image popped up […]