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Elin and Kids: Sweden for the Summer

Well, and it looks like it’s going to be longer than that, actually. Everyone knows that Elin Nordegren took her kids and flew to Sweden shortly after her cheating whore husband, Tiger Woods, played in the Masters. (I’m guessing because she was so enraged he went back to golf so soon, but that’s just me.) […]

Jesse James Seeks Sex Addiction Counseling

Remember when we told you that Jesse James had been pulled by over by a Californian police officer while on his way to Arizona? Apparently, Jesse was headed to sex rehab, where he is currently seeking sex addiction counseling. All of this in an effort to win back the love of Sandra Bullock and continue […]

Elin Will Not Support Tiger at the Masters

Okay, so I realize that none of us really knows what’s going on with Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren. While it’s thought that the two are staying together, it’s also been believed that there were many conditions that Elin had if Tiger really wanted her to stay that badly. One of the main ones was […]

The Jesse James Mess Gets Even Uglier

I was just saying that I needed someone other than ….and in walks Jesse James. Not only did he sit smiling proudly while his wife, Sandra Bullock collected her Academy Award, but the entire time he was cheating on her. Then he came out with a lame-ass apology and now his mistress has been revealed. […]

The Best Tiger Woods Mistress: Jamie Jungers!

As you might be aware, Howard Stern recently held the Tiger Woods’ Mistress Beauty Pageant in order to see who the most beautiful mistress was that was had by the famous golfer while he was still married. Howard began the pageant by having all the mistresses dress up in bikinis, and then he asked them […]

Elin and Tiger are Under the Same Roof

I’m really going to need another celebrity to do something crazy soon because I’m getting really tired of writing about Tiger Woods. The latest news is that Elin has moved back into the house with him and that the kids are there too. And from the sounds of it, Elin is planning on staying some […]

Elin May Not Be So Supportive After All

All accounts so far have been pointing to the fact that Elin Nordegren is fully supporting her cheating husband, Tiger Woods. But now the National Enquirer has other reports that Elin is enraged that she was forced to listen to account after account of Tiger’s indiscretions while she was in Mississippi trying to support him […]

My Thoughts on Tiger Woods’ Press Conference

Elin Nordegren Picking Tiger Up from Rehab….Soon! gluten free banana cupcakes

Well it seems that Tiger Woods has gotten his little pecker in order and calmed him down a bit because he’s been released from rehab. Tiger is set to leave sex rehab by the paleo banana almond muffins and the end of gluten free banana cake recipe rice flour and of this week and his […]

Tiger Gets a Visit from Elin in Rehab

We all knew that Tiger Woods was spending some quality time in rehab trying to get “better”, meaning that he’s trying to learn how to act like a grownup and keep it in his pants. Up until last week, Tiger had been in hiding and seemed to be trying to work through his issues privately. […]

Tiger Tries Rehab to Save His Marriage

It seems that Tiger Woods is willing to try just about anythingto save his marriage. Too bad he didn’t think about that before he started bedding every woman in the free world. But it seems that Tiger is now seeking professional help the same way that David Duchovny did – by going to sex rehab. […]

How Mr. and Mrs. Woods’ Spent Their Holidays

Tiger Woods’ Wife is Leaving Him

So apparently, Elin Nordegren, Tiger Woods’ wife, is leaving him. The story comes from US and an anonymous ‘source’ so who knows if there’s a lick of truth behind it. But this does come after rumors that Elin had already moved out of their home and was living down the street and after pictures surfaced […]

The Latest on Tiger

This weekend was a big weekend for Tiger Woods. Of course I think any day will be a big day for Tiger until he can manage to somehow live down the shame of disgracing hisentire family. But this weekend began with Tiger’s announcement that he’s taking a leave from golf. This is supposedly so that […]

There’s Nuthin Like Treating Your Marriage Like a Business Agreement

When this whole mess with Tiger Woods having an affair, that turned into three affairs, that will turn into God knows how many affairs, I really thought that he would try to handle it with as much dignity and grace as possible, which is very scant to begin with. But as more details emerge, I’m […]

Your Daily Tiger Update

When it comes to celebrity news these days, it’s all aboutTiger Woods. Man oh man, did this boy ever get himself into a pickle! Now a third woman, who’s a cocktail waitress in Vegas, has come forward with voicemail and text messages from Tiger. One voicemail has Tiger asking her to take his number off […]

Tiger and the Other Woman Both Speak Out

There was much talk about the single-car accident that Tiger Woods was in but there had been up to that point, very little talk from Tiger regarding the alleged affair between Tiger and Rachel Uchitel, a woman that is not his wife, Elin. Tiger has now given a statement regarding the car crash and he seems […]

Things Get Ugly Between Tiger and His Wife

Well it seems the whole news of this affair isn’t something silly that Tiger Woods and his wife, Elin Nordegren, are blowing off. We have all heard by now of the big car accident that Tiger got into that was said to have caused the scratches on his face. Turns out, the car accident was […]

Is Tiger Woods Really a Big, Fat Cheater?

Stories have been going around just within the past couple of days that Tiger Woods is having, or at least was having, an affair with some Rachel woman that is making ludicrous claims against Tiger. According to Rachel Uchitel, aka. Homewrecker, Tiger Woods is in love with her and ready to leave his wife to […]

Tiger Woods Has a Son!

Tiger Woods and his wife welcomed a bouncing baby boy, Charlie Axel Woods, into their family yesterday and both baby and Elin, Tiger’s wife, are doing very well. What I love the most about this story is that anyone who has ever watched anything on Tiger Woods knows that his dad had him out with a golf club […]