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Simon Cowell’s the Marrying Kind After All!

Normally, I wouldn’t think that Simon Cowell getting engaged is such a big deal. I know he has this image as being this untamable player, but even with all the money and cars and mansions, but I just never really cared one way or another. But, not only has some woman tamed him, but it […]

Simon Cowell may have a Soft Spot

I’ve always thought that Simon Cowell would be the type of person to have the attitude of, ‘Well, it’s your loss anyway,’ in the event of a breakup. He just seems so arrogant and like the type to think that his next conquest was right around the corner anyway. But it seems as though he […]

Simon Cowell and Terri Seymour are Finished!

I think being the girlfriend of Simon Cowell must be one of the most interesting and infuriating experiences there could be but Terri Seymour enjoyed it for six years before calling it quits with the super nasty and super honest judge from American Idol. Apparently, it’s just a classic case of one wants kids and […]