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Oh No! Say a Taylor Swift and John Mayer Fling Isn’t So!

I heard that John Mayer and Taylor Swift had hung out together in Nashville a couple of weeks ago. When I first read about it I thought, “Oh no, Taylor, be smarter than that, girl!” Because when you hear about Mayer entering into the same state as a girl, you automatically assume that he’s trying […]

Taylor Swift is a Heartbreaker for Sure!

Taylor Swift is a girl that knows how to get around. But the best thing about her is that, a sweeter girl you will not find. It’s part of that sweetness I’m sure, that is what makes men swoon over her as she leaves broken hearts in her trail. First she was seen out with […]

Taylor and Taylor have Split!

The short-lived romance between Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner seems to have come to an abrupt end. Do you think that maybe they just couldn’t stand dating someone with the same as them any longer? Perhaps it just got too confusing? Gave them a bit of an identity crisis? No, it’s nothing nearly as dramatic […]

Taylor and Taylor Spend More Time Together

Both Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift have been keeping pretty mum on their relationship, which at this point, we all know is in full swing. But these two very high profile celebrities are obviously trying to stay out of the spotlight as much as possible and they seem to refuse to confirm that they are […]

Wynonna Judd is Fat and Jealous

Seriously, what’s with all the hate on Taylor Swift? The girl cannot receive an award without somehow having that award tainted. First Kanye made his gross appearance on the VMA’s when Taylor went up to accept her award and on Wednesday, after Taylor’s Entertainer of the Year nomination at the CMA’s, Wynonna Judd had some […]

This is One Hookup I Can Get Onboard With!

I’m usually a big cynic when it comes to new hookups in Hollywood. Especially when the two people involved in the hookup are both major stars. Something about those bright lights just seems to me like they’re bound to make anything fizzle out sooner rather than later so I try not to get too excited. […]

‘You shut up!’; ‘No YOU shut up!’

And that’s about the gist of it when it comes to the current feud between Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus, on behalf of Taylor Swift. The recent breakup of Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift was widely talked about, especially considering the fact that they are mere teenagers and all fairly new to the Hollywood scene. […]

Joe Jonas IS a Dog!

I have never, ever, ever understood all the hoopla behind the Jonas Brothers but apparently they are all the rage. I guess I grew up in a New Kids on the Block age (the first time around) and was the appropriate age to be madly in love with all of them at some point or […]