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Tara Reid’s Wedding is Cancelled

Tara Reid was busy talking and gushing last month, over the details of her wedding that was set to take place in May. She talked about how the whole affair was going to be very princess-like and that she was planning out every last detail herself. But it seems as though that was all a […]

Carson Daly still feels bad supports Tara Reid…

Carson Daly recently spoke out about his ex-fiance, Tara Reid. No, he didn’t bash the usually drunk former Taradise star, nor did he confess his undying love for her. Instead, Daly revealed his softer side by saying that he commended Tara for talking about her botched plastic surgeries publicly. He is quoted, “I saw her […]

Anyone want to date Tara Reid?

I suggest you do it quick..she looks great and this will only last until the sun sets tonight..get your kicks while you can! She turns into this after sundown! P.S. Is Kevin Federline available?

Tara Reid is not drunk…

…but I’m sure her mystery friend is. The two were seen leaving a NYC hotel. Either he’s a foreigner and has no idea who she is..or he’s a paid escort..whaddaya think? Photos:Getty Images

Tara Reid: Carson Daly was the love of her life…

Actress Tara Reid has credited TV host Carson Daly as the love of her life, insisting she’d be a happily married mom now if the couple hadn’t split. The couple dated and were briefly engaged in 2000 and 2001 before they separated, and the American Pie star admits she’ll always regret they didn’t give their […]