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Sienna and Jude are Shackin Up!

Both Sienna Miller and Jude Law both make me barf. I just think they’re both so trampy and dirty and just generally not very good people. So when they got back together this summer, I was actually a little relieved. I mean, at least they’re not doling out their evilness on other people, right? And […]

Sienna and Jude: Just so Wrong, it’s Right

It’s no secret that Sienna and Jude are serious about each other. They hooked back up after they both found themselves dirty and single again after hooking up with various people around the globe. Shortly after they spent Thanksgiving together doing something terribly romantic like eating pizza or sushi or something. And now rumor has […]

Sienna and Jude Hook Back Up

I don’t understand why Sienna Miller and Jude Law ever broke up. They were perfect together. He was happy being Jude Law and not giving two pahooties what anyone had to say about it. And she was happy being Sienna Miller and ‘dating the cute boy’ while she tried to rise to fame herself. She […]

Sienna Miller: Just a Touch Sensitive

It’s no secret that Sienna Miller has a great distaste for the name she’s made for herself in Hollywood. She doesn’t have enough distaste for it to keep her clothes on for more than half an hour but, she doesn’t like being called a tramp and a homewrecker. Unfortunately for Sienna, those are the names […]

Balthazar Getty and Sienna Miller are Shackin Up!

So here’s the story as it appears so far. Balthazar Getty and Sienna Miller spent all of last summer frolicking around with each other half-naked and flaunting their affair in the faces of reporters and most sadly, Balty’s wife, Rosetta. Rosetta filed for divorce but still, Sienna and Balthazar broke up last May. I guess […]

Sienna and Balthy are Back Together

This past summer saw one of the hottest, and most scandalous, hookups of all time as Balthazar Getty stepped out on his wife to hook up with Sienna Miller. It was only a few short months however, before Getty’s wife, Rosetta, was filing separation papers and in November, Sienna announced that she was tired of being in a relationship […]

Sex with Sienna has it’s Consequences

I don’t think anyone will ever think of Balthazar Getty or Sienna Miller ever again without feeling a little bit dirty inside. Getty will now forever be known as the dirtbag husband and dad who chose the hot blonde over his family and Miller will forever be known as the home-wrecker, despite her attempts to prove herself as otherwise. […]

Another Deadbeat Dad

There are fewer couples in the world that disgust me more than Balthazar Getty and Sienna Miller and when the news was announced that the two were officially over, I was delighted. They are both pure evil in my eyes. Not only did they have an affair but they flaunted it shamelessly and Sienna became […]

Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty Land in Splitsville

Getty goes to Italy and He Don’t Care

Reports came out in the beginning of September that Rosetta Getty, Balthazar Getty’s wife is refusing to divorce him even though he was caught cheating red-handed with Sienna Miller this past summer. This is one affair that is one of the more outrageous ones that I’ve heard in the land of Tinseltown. While some decide […]

What’s Going on with Sienna Miller?

Okay so Sienna Miller has been in the papers a lot lately due to the fact that she’s the reason behind Balthazar Getty’s divorce and that the two of them have been photographed a lot lately frolicking around half-naked with each other. She’s also had her name splashed everywhere because she’s sick of being deemed […]

The Sienna Scandal

All over the world, people are buzzing about the recent divorce of Balthazar Getty and his wife, Rosetta. What people care even more about however, is the fact that Balthazar is hooking up with Sienna Miller and that has led to one big ol’ controversy. Were they together while Balthazar was still married? Was he […]

Sienna Miller & Rhys Ifans: Engaged!

Sienna Miller and her long time boyfriend Rhys Ifans are engaged! Which is great news, so now hopefully everyone will get off her back up supposedly breaking up Sean Penn‘s marriage with Robin Wright. Robin and Sienna are supposed to be good friends and everything; but on the other hand, when in celebrity land, you’re […]

Sienna Miller & Kate Moss Cat Fight!

Every good wedding has a good fight involved too. Which means I guess that I had a bad one, after I drank some tequila, ate lasagna, and went home. But hey, Sienna Miller, and Kate Moss can’t be everywhere at once to fight over a man, and who has taken each other’s style. Yeah… Kate […]

Kim Porter Is “Hip Hop Girlfriend Barbie”

Supposedly there have been rumours about P Diddy being abusive, physically to his girlfriends. Kim Porter was rumoured to have left P Diddy because he was physically abusive as well. But look, isn’t she sweet? Kim has come right up front about the whole thing, to state that P Diddy never abused her. From Contact […]

Sienna Miller in REAL sex scene OOPS

Rumors are flying around Hollywood that Sienna Miller and co-star Hayden Christensen had actual sex during a scene in their new film Factory Girl. In the movie Sienna plays Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol’s muse. You remember Sienna, she is the one that was with Jude Law and then he cheated on her with the nanny, […]

Santa Claus gets his Christmas Wish….

A ho, ho, ho! A newly single Sienna Miller sluts it up with Santa Claus. P.S. Dear Sienna, that’s not really Santa Claus. No matter what he says..he DOES NOT have a present for you in his pocket. Trust me, I fell for this one before!

Jude Law & Sienna Miller: DUNZO!