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Sheryl Crow Adopts a Second Son

I think that Sheryl Crow and Sandra Bullock should team up andopen a business telling other celebrities how to do things and keep it on the down-low. Or as I like to call it, “How to Not be an Attention Whore 101.” These two women have both adopted sons recently and kept it on the […]

Lance and Anna Waste No Time Getting Pregnant Again

So I suppose this is very happy news for Lance Armstrong and his newest baby mamma Anna Hanson, are expecting again. And the new baby announced the news himself (herself?) by creating their own Twitter account. I’m sure it’s cute and all with the different measurements, and even telling us how big they are. But […]

Lance Armstrong has a Baby Boy

Well there may be another world-famous cyclist in the family for Lance Armstrong! Little baby Max was born on June 4 and is happy and healthy! As much as I hate Lance Armstrong, because I think he’s a pig who knocks women up and then takes off (or takes off before he even has the chance […]

Lance Armstrong is a Pig

I have lost more and more respect for Lance Armstrong ever since his split from Sheryl Crow. Itwasn’t the actual split that bothered me but he just seemed to become a worse person once he left her. His attitude seemed to have changed and he seemed to be more interested in himself than anybody else. Then it […]

Lance Armstrong to be a Dad Again

Lance Armstrong has been known to be a bit of a player recently, first being linked to Sheryl Crow and then hooking up with Kate Hudson this past summer. It seems as though that hot, hot, hot relationship may have fizzled because Lance had once again found someone new. Well, this one may be a bit harder to walk […]

Hudson Rumors Abound!

Kate Hudson is on to new things it seems after her and boyfriend of three months, LanceArmstrong, broke up last weekend. Mainly what Kate has been up to is dodging rumors about the breakup and about the new man that may or may not be in her life as her new man – Eric Lindros. […]

Kate and Lance the New Hottest Couple

Well forget all those rumors about Kate Hudson hooking back up with Owen Wilson because apparently, they just ain’t true. By the looks of things,Kate’s heart belongs to Sheryl Crow’s former fiance, Lance Armstrong. From Celebrity Dirty Laundry, “Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong only had eyes for each other at Dolce & Gabbana’s annual party […]

Lance Armstrong & Sheryl Crow: DUNZO!