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Stop Boring Us Already

Lots of break-ups and messy divorces going on in Hollywood these days. Okay, that can be said for any day. Some divorces just won’t die and those directly involved need to come to some decisions and agreements so the rest of us can stop choking on the whole thing. One such case is the divorce […]

The Barkers: Back On?

Shanna to Paris: “You absolutely devasted me.”

Shanna Strikes Back…

Oohh…I love MySpace… Shanna’s Blog in reaction to Travis’ earlier posting: First and foremost, I find playing a seperation out in the public arena not only immature, but quite frankly in poor taste, BUT I feel I have to stand up for myself at this point. Airing dirty laundry is not a hard task, it […]

Travis Barker fights back via MySpace..

Paris, Shanna & Travis: Peace, Love & Playboy what is disodium inosinate

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Shanna Moakler throws a Divorce Party… cramps in the stomach

Shanna Moakler is a genius! I can’t think of really bad stomach pain and of a better way to soothe a breaking heart other than throwing a huge Las Vegas party and inviting all your friends! Divorce parties..if this trend continues..they’ll be more popular than birthday parties in Hollywood. P.S. We already have an spy […]

Shanna Moakler: Divorce is the new Trim Spa…

A seemingly more slender Shanna Moakler answered questions from fans on her . The former “Meet the Barkers” star talked about her divorce and her new figure. Shanna reveals: DIVORCE- not something i ever thought i would experience, my parents have been married for 40 yrs, and that just wasnt in the cards for me, […]

Travis Barker: “MTV doesn’t break up relationships”…

The Barkers: DUNZO!