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Splitsville, Again!: Robin and Sean

Robin Wright Penn and Sean Penn have filed for divorce. A-GAIN! These two actually seemed to be one of Hollywood’s most perfect couples. They made it past the 10-year mark, which is a huge statement alone in Tinseltown. But the marriage started to fray around the edges a couple of years back. It seemed to […]

Sean Penn’s Marriage Drama Over for Now

Sean Penn and his wife Robin Wright Penn are back together as a happy and loving couple after Sean recently filed for divorce. Apparently those papers have been torn up and thrown out and the two have decided to give things another go. Before you get all excited and happy that these two are sticking it out, it’s […]

Lindsay’s Broke and not Making Friends

As usual, Lindsay Lohan is causing all kinds of drama for herself and for everyone around her and it all started with a recent interview that she gave with Nylon magazine. In the interview, she had verbal diarrhea and opened up about being scared about being unemployed, and about how she’ll take her ball and go home […]

Sean Penn’s Divorce is Off!

We often hear of the marriages and weddings of celebrities being called off but, a divorce? It seems so in the case of Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn. From Mercury News, “Oscar winning actor Sean Penn and his wife Robin Wright Penn have withdrawn their divorce petition.A Marin County Superior Court commissioner dismissed divorce […]

Sienna Miller & Rhys Ifans: Engaged!

Sienna Miller and her long time boyfriend Rhys Ifans are engaged! Which is great news, so now hopefully everyone will get off her back up supposedly breaking up Sean Penn‘s marriage with Robin Wright. Robin and Sienna are supposed to be good friends and everything; but on the other hand, when in celebrity land, you’re […]