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Scarlett Johansson & Ryan Reynolds to Adopt!

According to Star Magazine and an insider source that they have, Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson are ready to adopt a baby! And according to the reports, they’re choosing to adopt from either Ghana or Ethiopia. Why not? It seems to be the trendy thing to do these days. The report originally came from Star, […]

Aw, Ryan!

Just when you thought you couldn’t love Ryan Reynolds any more, he goes and says something that makes you love him even more! In a new interview with British Glamour, Ryan opens up about his marriage and how he and wife, Scarlett Johansson are planning to adopt. I got all excited about this when I […]

Megan Fox Proves She’s a Retard

Megan Fox has done it again. She’s gone and opened up that pretty, stupid little mouth of hers and a whole ton of crap has fallen out of it. This time she’s on a rant about how she’s intelligent and exudes sex and she wishes that people could see that. She also takes a massive hit on […]

Ryan Reynolds Honors His Dad

So it seems that being an honest-to-God hottie, a very good actor and funnyman, as well as just recently becoming a husband, just isn’t good enough for Ryan Reynolds. He now has given us all one more reason to put him in our Top 10 Favorites. This cutie-pie has a heart of gold, especially when […]

Ryan and Scarlett Got Married!!!

Yes ladies, I’m so sorry to say that Ryan Reynolds, the hottie who has played in Van Wilder, among many other funny and fabulous movies, has officially been taken off the market. He and his new bride, Scarlett Johansson tied the knot in Ryan’s native land of Canada this past weekend. From Bump Shack, “Actors […]

Scarlett Johansson & Ryan Reynolds Officially Engaged!

You Could Win A date With Scarlett Johansson!

Good news for all you guys out there who have been drooling over the celebrity who just happens to look eternally fifteen years old. The actress is planning to raise enormous amounts of money for a charity, in which the guys will be bidding on a date with Scarlett. From InTouch: “It’s a fantasy for […]

Scarlett Johanson at Saturday Night Live

It was Scarlett Johansson‘s turn to host and perform at the Saturday Night Live this weekend. She wore a black gown with a deeeeep neck, which revealed more than it covered…and we are talking about her bosom. While, we are sure that Scarlett‘s fans must have been happy at being able to see her ample […]

Scarlett Johannson & Josh Hartnett: About to Split?

ScarNett or JoshHannson whatever you call them…call them no more! Word on the street is that this couple is just about dunzo! A source close to the couple tells Page Six, “They are on the rocks, Scarlett is always mad at him, and they are always arguing.” A factor in the bickering is the fact […]

Wilmer & Who? What’s the story?

We all know that Wilmer Valderamma is absolutely irresistible..but I thought his admirers were more of the teeny-bopper, I wanna be cool so I’m dating an older man, pop queen type. Apparently I was wrong..Check out who he was seen partying it up with in the Hamptons after the cut: