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George Clooney Introduces Another Lady to the Red Carpet

We first saw it with Sarah Larson and now George Clooney struts down another red carpet boasting another beautiful babe on his arm. Her name is Elisabetta Canalis and like Sarah, many of us had not heard of her before Georgie-boy showed up. But the two do look beautiful together as they attend an event […]

George Clooney’s New Leading Lady

George Clooney has forgotten all about Sarah What’s-her-face and has moved  on to another lady in his life. This one he didn’t find in an L.A. nightclub but he did have to go all the way to Italy to find her. But Sarah Larson, George’s ex and Elisabetta Canalis do have one thing in common […]

Sarah Larson Proves Once Again how Stupid she Is

About a year ago we all heard that the “Sexiest Man Alive,” George Clooney had started slummin it with an LA cocktail waitress, Sarah Larson. Not to put cocktail waitresses, or LA women to shame but on Clooney’s level, anything that doesn’t involve a billion dollar home and a multi-million dollar cottage is considered slummin […]

Sarah Larson Not Crying Over Break-up

Rumors have been flying lately with the recent break-up of George Clooney and Sarah Larson. The break-up came as quite a shock to everyone and fuel was added to the fire this past week when it was rumored that Clooney gave her the boot after she got a boob job. Turns out that the boob […]

This Week’s Break-Up News

While many babies are being born in Hollywood this week and many couple’s are announcing pregnancies, Tinseltown still has its fair share of heartache. Here are this week’s most surprising, most predictable, and most talked about break-ups of our favorite stars this week! The most talked-about break-up news is probably that of and Sarah Larson. […]

Getting Those Parties Started

Sarah Larson Spills About Snagging George Clooney

…Apparently, Larson wasn’t actually the one doing the snagging. Clooney was the one to go looking for her, after she began working in a different nightclub in Vegas. The first time she had met him, Larson hada different boyfriend, then last year the two met up again. A month afterwards, he invited her to go […]

Clooney Fends Off Rumours

George Clooney has been busy dashing the hopes of fans everywhere in their search for more gossip. First he told Ryan Seacrest on the Red Carpet for the Oscars that he did not buy a house in Malibu for his girlfriend, Sarah Larson. But now the speculation has come up that he has been asked […]