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Sandra Bullock is Charming and Lovely

Sandra Bullock made her first public appearance last night at the Spike TV Guy’s Choice Awards. The lovely Sandra won the award for “Entertainer of the Year”, which is an award that is voted on by troops, and given to a great entertainer. Sandra skipped all of the backstage press stuff and the red carpet, […]

Eeewww! Do You Want the Bed Jesse James Had Sex On?

Well it seems now that his rich wife, Sandra Bullock, has officially left him, Jesse James is starting to wonder where his next meal is coming from. So, just as any logical person would do in the situation, Jesse is starting to look for things of his that he can sell. The most envied item […]

The Story of Sandra and Louis

Well thank God that this marriage/divorce mess isn’t the only thing in Sandra Bullock’s life that she has to focus on. It’s now coming out (oractually came out in March), that Sandra Bullock had adopted a three-month old son, Louis. The adoption process had actually been going on for four years, well before Louis was […]

Good for You, Sandra!

Sandra Bullock has kept pretty mum about the state of her marriage ever since her cheatin husband Jesse James slept with at least four other women and showed us all his Nazi affliction at the same time. But, divorce papers really say it all, don’t they? Yep, Sandy filed for divorce today and I just […]

An Apology to Sandra Bullock

Jesse James has been spending a great deal of time lately apologizing to Sandra Bullock for his misdeeds when he stepped out, repeatedly, on their marriage. But now there’s someone else who wants Sandy to know they’re terribly sorry, and that’s Melissa Smith, one of Jesse’s many mistresses. Yes, those geniuses over at TMZ have […]

An Update on Sandra

It seems that once Jesse James shipped off to Arizona for rehab, we suddenly stopped hearing anything about the scandal that was going on between he and his wife, Sandra Bullock. There’s no official word yet on whether or not the two are going to get divorced, but things aren’t looking good for Jesse. Sandra […]

Sandra Speaks!

We’ve all been waiting on the edge of our seats for Sandra Bullock to make a public statement about howher marriage fell apart, and where she goes from here. Well yesterday, People released a statement from the actress. But don’t get excited. The statement only speaks to the rumors that there’s a nasty sex tape […]

Your Daily Sandra Update

It’s been made pretty clear that Sandra Bullock doesn’t want to stay married to her cheating husband, Jesse James. With Jesse continuing toproclaim his love for Sandra over and over, and even checking into sex rehab to win his wife back, and Sandra continuing to ignore his pleas and move out of the house, it […]

Jesse James Leaves Rehab and Sandra Couldn’t Care Less

Seriously, this is why people go to sex rehab. To prove that they want to make their marriage work and that they’re sorry for the serious transgressions that they are guilty of. All the while, they truly don’t give a damn and it’s one big PR move – both for the media and they’re beloved […]

It Looks Like Sandra’s Marriage is Over

You have to admit it. When Sandra Bullock decides it’s time to do something, she really goes out and does it! We have all been waiting for two things: 1) for Sandra Bullock to ditch that loser husband, Jesse James, of hers and, 2) for her to appear in public again after her husbanddisgraced their […]

Jesse James Seeks Sex Addiction Counseling

Remember when we told you that Jesse James had been pulled by over by a Californian police officer while on his way to Arizona? Apparently, Jesse was headed to sex rehab, where he is currently seeking sex addiction counseling. All of this in an effort to win back the love of Sandra Bullock and continue […]

Sandra Bullock is Reportedly Filing for Divorce

I guess, after mistress #4 stepped forward, Sandra Bullock has decided that she has been embarrassed enough by her husband’s sex-capades. Radar Online is reporting that Sandy has filed for divorce and that she has had enough! And do you really blame her? If this is true, I’m so happy that Sandra has made this […]

Jesse James is a Total Dog

Jesse James just makes me sick. I truly don’t understand why men feel the need to cheat on their wives. And I really don’t see how someone could be unhappy when they’re married to Sandra Freakin Bullock. But what I don’t get is the high that Jesse seems to get from this. Like so many […]

The Jesse James Mess Gets Even Uglier

I was just saying that I needed someone other than ….and in walks Jesse James. Not only did he sit smiling proudly while his wife, Sandra Bullock collected her Academy Award, but the entire time he was cheating on her. Then he came out with a lame-ass apology and now his mistress has been revealed. […]

My Heart Goes Out to Sandra Bullock

Remember when Sandra Bullock won her award for Best Actress at the Oscar’s only a fewweeks ago? In her speech, Sandy spoke about her mom and with tears in her eyes, pointed to her husband, Jesse James and said, “and you’re why I have…that, and this (holding up Oscar.) Now Sandra may be thinking what […]

Happy Valentine’s Day! from Sandra Bullock

Happy Valentine’s Day to you from us, and Sandra Bullock. This story just had me rolling in the aisles when I read it and it’s quite appropriate, seeing as how today is Valentine’s Day and this story is about a special little “something” Sandra had done for the all-special day. Talk about getting excited about […]

Sandra Bullock about to get a Taste of Motherhood

If Sandra Bullock has ever considered having children and has been filled with all the usual questions, (‘Will I be a good mom? Will my kid like me?’), she’s about to get her answer. Before you start looking for Sandra’s baby bump, stop. She doesn’t have one. She is about to become a full-time parent to her […]