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Britney Has Naked Pics

Jamie Spears Gets his Restraining Order

Earlier this month it was reported that Jamie Spears, conservator of his daughter and her estate, applied for a permanent restraining order against Sam Lutfi, the man who sent Britney’s life all to hell. Jamie didn’t get the permanent order that he was after but what he got is pretty good. Sam Lufti has been ordered to […]

The Newest in Britney

One of Britney’s latest legal issues, the restraining order she’s trying to permanently obtain against Sam Lutfi and his lawyer, is being held up due to the fact that Sam had been trying to push for Brit to testify in court. I can completely see why he would want this. Obviously, he’s hoping that with some really hard questions […]

Britney’s Mom makes a Bad Situation Worse

I know that when they are photographed together, Britney Spears and her mom, Lynne Spears, seem like the perfect, ever-so-close mother and daughter. But I don’t understand how Britney can be completely fine with all of the crap her mom pulls – the most recent, Lynne’s book, Through theStorm, which is a tell-all about what […]

Sam Lutfi & Britney Spears Aren’t Allowed To Play Together Anymore

And this is really what the whole conflict comes down to. Remember when you were in school and your mom says “That boy/girl is a bad influence! Don’t let me see you hanging around him/her!”? That’s the whole Sam Lutfi/Britney Spears issue in a nutshell. Britney Spears‘ parents both agree that Sam Lutfi and their […]

Lynne Spears HasRestraining Order Against Sam Lufti From Britney Spears… But Why?

I’m almost positive that this is generally due to Lynne Spears being a huge drama queen. I mean, if Britney Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, is the one with custody right now, then why the hell is Lynne Spears big fat nose still in it? The world may never know, however… Lynne Spears did submit a […]