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Is Britney Becoming a Jew?

When Britney Spears decides to do something, she really goes all out, doesn’t she? If she wants to spend more time with her kids, she locks herself in a bathroom with one of them. If she wants to get a haircut, she shaves her entire head. Now, she’s started dating her agent, Jason Trawick, and […]

Britney and Her Man Trade Hair Color

Uh oh. Remember the last time we saw Britney dye her hair so that she could stay true to her brunette roots? Yep, that’s right. It was right before she went cuckoo crazy. Once she got back on the road to good health, she dyed her extensions back to the normal blonde that we’re all […]

Britney’s Granted a Restraining Order and Death Threats

Britney Spears has gotten somewhat of a break, if you consider getting a more permanent restraining order against her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib, any kind of a victory in this whole mess that she’s found herself in. A temporary restraining order was placed against Ghalib at the beginning of the year, when he took part in trying to worm […]

Spears’ New Man

All seems to have been going pretty well in the life of Ms. Britney Spears lately, minus the necessary restraining orders and working to get time with her kids, all while trying to put on a tour that seems somewhat doomed from the start. But someone from Britney’s camp was just saying not too long ago that […]

Sam Lufti Just Won’t Stop

Something weird happened to me this morning. I woke up, looked out the window and there was snow on the ground. Then I went to my computer, opened my browser and the first headline staring me in the face said something along the lines of ‘Sam Lufti is Trying to Ruin Britney’s Life.’ Just about […]

Britney’s Ongoing Hell

I can’t imagine what it must be like to be Britney Spears. This is a girl who has been in the spotlight her entire life and having made money from that spotlight, has been surrounded by people that want something from her. Imagine what it must be like to separate those who only want to use you […]

Can you picture it…Britney Brand? eating coconut oil side effects

Well it didn’t take long after the coconut oil detox side effects and the VMAs last week for us to start talking about who was avoiding who, who came with who, and who got together with who while there. So the coconut oil health and the prime target for rumors thisyear was, as it is […]