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Yep, He Got Me

I am one of what I’m hoping is many that was fooled by the prank that Sacha Baron Cohen played on Eminem at the MTV Awards on Sunday. What looked like a lame attempt to humiliate Em and a subsequent beating to Cohen by Em’s bodyguards and a further subsequent storming out of the awards by Slim Shady himself, was all […]

Is it Funny or Just Stupid?

This story has nothing to do with love, relationships, or scandal but I feel it’s necessary to post because of my own personal love for Eminem and from reading other blogs and stories, someone must stand up for the guy and say that this is just not funny. Eminem is doing crazy promotion right now for his […]

Finally! We Get To See Isla Fisher & Sacha Baron Cohen’s Baby

After nearly a month of being terribly confused about Sacha Baron Cohen, and Isla Fisher‘s baby, we get to see the little girl born to Borat. For some reason, when she was first born, sources had stated that her name was “Sandler”. Gosh, that’s horrible. Thank goodness, that her name is actually Olive. From Cele|bitchy: […]