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Are Ryan Gosling and Charlize Theron Dating?

These two certainly do seem to be a hot topic in gossip circles lately. The big question of the day seems to be: are Ryan Gosling and Charlize Theron dating? The two have been connected to many different people lately. Ryan was rumored just weeks ago to be with co-star Michelle Williams, and the world […]

New Couple Alert: Ryan and Natalie!

Well apparently Ryan Gosling is trying to mend his heart, which Rachel McAdams broke – twice! – by hooking up with Natalie Portman. The story goes that Ryan saw Natalie, wanted to date Natalie and wouldn’t stop pestering her until she finally agreed to go out with him, which in some way has its own sort of charm, I suppose. […]

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams Break Up….AGAIN!

Why does everyone care so much about What’s-Their-Faces

So it’s really big news today that those people got back together…who are they? Oh, that’s right…Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. So, this should be big news to me, as a celebrity blogger, but I really don’t see what the big deal is with these two. I remember thinking the same thing when they broke […]

Celebrities Finding Love

What would celebrities be without their constant quest for love? Okay, and money and fame, and just about everything else but it is true that Tinseltown is like one big soap opera. And in good soap fashion, this week there are lots of couples that have been busy making a love connection! It seems that […]