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Rosie and Kelli: Splitsville!

Is it wrong that I’m clapping my hands just a tiny bit about the fact that Rosie O’Donnell and her partner, Kelli Carpenter are splitting up? Okay yes, they have four children so it is a little bit wrong and shame on me. I do feel bad for any kids that have to watch their […]

The Latest in Celebrity Marriages

Marriage seems to be the trend this week in Hollywood as there’s a lot of recent news pertaining to who’s getting married, who wants to get married, and who wants to get back together once a marriage has split up. Who knows if the marriage trend has replaced the baby trend in Tinseltown but celebs […]

Ellen DeGeneres Pressures McCain

Ellen DeGeneres has proven once again what a classy lady she is. After hearing that Presidential hopeful John McCain, a known conservatist, was going to appear on her show Thursday, everyone began talking about the two duking it out on-stage about the gay marriage issue. The timing is appropriate as well as Ellen has just […]

Jimmy Kimmel Is Going To Get A Rosie O’Donnel Lap Dance? infuser water bottle recipes

There are some days when I am sooo happy I don’t actually own a television; even though, as an American, I’m surrounded by them. However, that still means that my chances of how to make fruit water drinks and of seeing Rosie O’Donnel give Jimmy Kimmel a lap dance. It’s not that I have anything […]

Comparisons Made Between Britney Spears and Princess Diana

Ever since Rose O’Donnell compared the media frenzy surrounding Britney Spears to that of Princess Diana, media, and especially the paparazzi, have been on the defensive. Both women have beenfollowed around the clock and photographed as many times as the photographers can click their handy dandy little cameras. Spears’ recent late night car chase involving […]

The Top Ten Best Acts Of Celebrity Revenge!

10. Do you remember Brandy? You know … -sings a little- “The boy is mine…”? R&B hotty from the 90’s? Well, once upon a time, an ex-beau called her a–… well, a not so very nice name. Supposedly she found the perfect way to pay him back. Scratching his car. A little weak, don’t you […]

Rosie O’Donnell vs. Elisabeth Hasselbeck: It’s War!

After the departure of Star Jones, from the CBS show ‘The View’, its time for funny woman Rosie O’Donnell to resign from the show following a major showdown with co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Coincidentally, Rosie got Star’s spot despite mixed feeling from the other co-hosts of the show. And now it seems that Rosie and Elisabeth […]