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Riley Giles Tells All On Lindsay Lohan’s Sex-Crazedness! The Horror!

Oh yes, it’s true! The backwater has risen up like bile to come forward and crush Lindsay Lohan‘s practically virginal reputation! My god, who knew she was a slut?! Not I! Can you believe it, ladies and gentlemen? Lindsay Lohan has sex! Lots of it! Ahem. Moving on. Yeah, so, in order to claim his […]

Does Lindsay Lohan Have A New Toy?

Lindsay Lohan was spotted at a restaurant kissing on some unknown male thing, not only once, but twice! Is this just some weekly flavor… or has she found a replacement for the poor, ditched Riley Giles? From TMZ: “Cameras caught Lindsay Lohan kissing on a guy who could be Riley Giles‘ replacement. Movin’ on up! […]

Lindsay Lohan & Riley Giles: DUNZO!

Do you know, it’s funny, I keep wanting to type Riles Giley? What the hell? Anyway, Lindsay Lohan, known as Firecrotch to –most people, has broken up with poor Riley Giles, the guy no one knew until she picked him out of rehab, –a relationship destined to last, we all thought. From People: “Lindsay Lohan […]

Lindsay Lohan & Riley Giles: Riley Is A Sissy

So, Lindsay Lohan‘s new boyfriend, the snowboarding guy, is a total wimp. After the two of them went out for a nice romantic dinner, Lindsay slid into the passenger side of the car, while her pathetic little boyfriend, Giles, slide right in behind her, and hid from the cameras. From TMZ: “Now that Lindsay Lohan […]

Lindsay Lohan & Her Latest Mistake