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Just when you Thought no one Cared

So last week it was announced that Ricky Martin not only had twins but that they had been born for several weeks when word was finally released and that he used a surrogate mother to have them. In the statement, it said that he was putting his music career on hold to stay at home […]

Ricky Martin is a Dad

Okay so has Ricky Martin lost all of his high-power celeb status? Because apparently, he hired a surrogate to have babies for him and is now the proud papa to twin babies. And this happened weeks ago which in Hollywood, may as well be a lifetime. And his reps are just coming out with a […]

Has-Beens Now in the News

It seems this past week has had many stars emerging onto the covers of magazines and in blogs that to be frank, we may have forgotten all about. Or at least tried to. Here are the latest has-beens that have found their way back to the spotlight. Remember ? Don’t feel bad if you don’t. […]