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Just For Fun…

What is P Diddy looking at? Goodness. In all fairness though, Jessica Biel does have some tig ol’ bitties.

Diddy Proven To BeFather Of A Sixth Child

Puff Daddy, P Diddy, Puffy, and just plain Sean John Combs… whatever name you know him by, you also know that this NY style rapper, with his hardcore bling-age gets around… and around… and around… yeah. Not that we’re calling Puffy a manwhore or anything, but he does have some girl problems. Especially when it […]

Kim Porter Is “Hip Hop Girlfriend Barbie”

Supposedly there have been rumours about P Diddy being abusive, physically to his girlfriends. Kim Porter was rumoured to have left P Diddy because he was physically abusive as well. But look, isn’t she sweet? Kim has come right up front about the whole thing, to state that P Diddy never abused her. From Contact […]