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Prince William’s Touching Words

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching in Britain, Prince William spoke about his mom, Princess Diana, at an event on Thursday. There is nothing that can be said when a child is talking about losing his mother much too soon, as Prince William was only 15 when Princess Di was chased down by the paparazzi over […]

Comparisons Made Between Britney Spears and Princess Diana

Ever since Rose O’Donnell compared the media frenzy surrounding Britney Spears to that of Princess Diana, media, and especially the paparazzi, have been on the defensive. Both women have beenfollowed around the clock and photographed as many times as the photographers can click their handy dandy little cameras. Spears’ recent late night car chase involving […]

Nicole Kidman Pregnant; Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Parents To L. Ron Hubbard’s Baby?

TMZ has posed a very interesting question. For ten years, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were married, and at no point have a child together. So what’s the deal with them now? Nicole‘s pregnant, and Tom has a kid. From TMZ: “One day after revealing that she is pregnant with her second husband’s child, Nicole […]