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Britney Spears & Kevin Federline Pre-Nup Details…

Are y’all sick of all this Britney & Kevin Divorce DRAMARAMA yet? Me NEITHER! Let’s move on to the Pre-Nup details..shall we. The good news is that Britney & Kevin had a pre-nup! (Sorry Reese!) The bad news is that K-Fed will actually get some of Brit’s cashola: Here are some of the supposed Pre-Nup […]

NO PRE-NUP in Witherspoon/Phillippe Split!

TMZ has learned that Reese Witherspoon’s fortune is fair game as her marriage to Ryan Phillippe comes to an end– specifically, there is no prenup. The financial consequences are enormous. Witherspoon now commands $29 million a movie, making her the highest paid actress in Hollywood. In 2005, Witherspoon raked in a total of $30 million […]