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Twilight Star has Nude Photo Scandal

It seems that every celebrity has naked photos or a sex tape lingering out there just waiting to hit the tabloids. The latest comes from the hit movie series Twilight and involves Ashley Greene, who plays the kind and lovable vampire, Alice Cullen. Ashley had someone take nude photos of her and when I say […]

Ugh! He’s Just so Juvenile! (and gay)

John Mayer really makes me want to throw up. First he plays the part of Jennifer Aniston’s boyfriend so he can squeeze out what little fame he can and then when they break up – the first time! – he goes right to reporters to talk about how it wasn’t Jen’s fault and how she’s such a […]

The Lohans in the News Again!

I’m really getting sick of all of the Lohans being in the news whether it’s Michael talking about how screwed up his daughter is or Dina on her stupid realityTV show. I even really like Lindsay but even the news surrounding her has become boring and tired and I’m just sick of hearing about it. […]