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Is Penelope Cruz Engaged?

Whenever a hot lady traipses around with a huge rock on her left hand, on that very important finger, people automatically start asking whether or not she’s engaged. And the case is no different for Penelope Cruz. It was on Sunday that Penelope was out doing some shopping and running some errands when many pictures […]

Penelope Cruz may be my New BFF

I know this blog is to talk about the heartaches and romances of Tinseltown but I do feel thatthis is related as there is a new hookup on the horizon – and it’s me and Penelope Cruz. Not a romance but she may just be a contender to become my new best friend. The funny part? […]

Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz Heat it Up

Penelope Cruz who has been known to datethe likes of Matt McConaughey and Tom Cruise has gone very public with her relationship with Javier Bardem. The two met on the set of a Woody Allen movie they were filming last summer and although Cruz denied rumours at the time, there is no hiding their love now! […]

“Porno Paparazzi Girl, I Don’tWanna Be A Stupid Girl…”

is still planning on eventually moving away from Pete Doherty. You know, after all the heroin implants they’ve been through together… for a whopping four days for her DUI charges. I wonder how long before she gets a mysterious illness too? Britney Spears takes her children for a vacation in Las Vegas without getting Kevin‘s […]

Matthew McConaughey & Penelope Cruz: DUNZO!

The “sexiest man alive” is available again. Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz “have decided to split,” Cruz spokesman Robert Garlock told The Associated Press Friday. McConaughey’s rep, Alan Nierob, confirmed the breakup, first reported by People magazine. The couple costarred in 2005’s “Sahara.” McConaughey, People’s reigning hunk of hunks, appeared in this year’s “Failure to […]