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Paula Abdul Says Good-Bye to Another Man

It looks as though Paula Abdul’s latest relationship couldn’t survive her two-year curse. Abdul was married to Emilio Estevez for two years and that ended in 1994 and she was also married to Brad Beckerman for two years. That marriage ended in 1998. Last summer she hooked up with J.T. Torregiani and they were very […]

Male Contestant, Male Stripper

American Idol is a way for unknowns to become household names. Each one of those contestants is getting more than their fifteen minutes of fame and generally, the more attention they receive the better. But what about if you’re a male contestant that was a stripper up until last September? And you stripped for men!?! Well […]

American Idol Contestants; Do Sex Tapes Save Careers?

It seems like every other day, some new semi-celebrity is trying to make waves by having sex with another washed up, barely celebrity, and then making a video of it. Not that Paula Abdul is washed up; but she is old, and she is well…. fine, she’s washed up. Sorry; truth hurts. Well, remember Corey […]