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What is Going on With Cameron Diaz?

Cameron Diaz has sort of been laying low lately. After her split from Justin Timberlake, it was big news that she started dating model, Paul Sculfor. The two dated for about six months when they split and last it was reported, Cameron was dating Adam Levine. But all of that happened back in May and […]

Cameron’s Old and New

Cameron Diaz has been a very busy girl lately. Not only does she have a new movie coming out, My Sister’s Keeper, but she’s also been doing some moving around in the romance department – physically as well as emotionally it seems. While she was dating model Paul Sculfor, who FYI was also dating Jennifer Aniston at one point, the […]

An Update on Diaz

Cameron Diaz has been keeping a pretty low profile since reports came out one day that she was dating P. Diddy and then almost the next there were stories that she was dating Paul Sculfor, a little-known actor who from what I can tell has only been in two TV episodes and both times he […]

Who is this Guy with Cameron Diaz?

So have I just been living under a rock that I have no idea who this guy is that’s mauling Cameron Diaz and who she is, by the way, happily mauling back. According to FoxNews, they have been doing this for months and the man is Paul Sculfor, another ex of Jennifer Aniston. Okay, what?!? […]

Poor Jen; Still Pining For Brad…

Jennifer Aniston and her British boyfriend, model Paul Sculfor, have split up. Jennifer has supposed pulled the plug on their romance because their busy schedules, and equally time-consuming careers keep them from seeing too much of each other. Jennifer, 38, and Paul, 36, a former body builder, haven’t seen each other for weeks, since Paul […]