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Alex Rodriguez has Been a Busy Boy!

The news broke this past summer that the heat and steam in the air was more than just the humidity when rumors started to circulate that Madonna was having an affair with Alex Rodriguez. They were both married at the time and the rumors stated that Madonna was seen at Yankees games, there to cheer […]

Even More Book Exploitation

We so often hear of parents of young celebrities that spill all the family secrets through an autobiography that they hope will make them millions but sometimes, it’s the youngsters that are looking at their parent stars and wondering how to make more off them than just their allowance. Such is the case with Sean […]

More on Mills’ Pathetic Attempt at Fame

It seems that being involved in a heated divorce battle for several months and having your face and name splashed across covers of papers and magazines every day wasn’t enough for Heather Mills. She is still clinging to the indirect fame that she received from being married to Paul McCartney. I guess she just doesn’t […]

Paul McCartney’s Divorce STILL Not Over!

Yes it was just months ago when we were all being dragged through the financial settlement of Paul McCartney’s divorce to Heather Mills. The whole affair was meant to be top-secret but as all-things-celebrity, word got out and fans and bloggers alike knew a lot of things that were happening in the court room. Now, […]

Why Celebrities Get a Bad Rep

It’s true, mention the word “celebrity” and automatically people think of someone that is rich, famous, spoiled and more often than not, stupid. These may be generalizations but there are lots of celebrities out there that prove this to be very true. Here are the top stories of stupid celebrities this week. attended a teen […]

World Missed Out on Rapper Mills

Although we may have all known that Heather Mills has always been feeding off her former husband’s, Paul McCartney’s fame and fortune, it’s now coming out that she tried to do this even more so when they were married. Apparently, Ms. Mills had high hopes of becoming a rapper. I’ll give you a minute to […]

Heather Mills = Pathetic Gold Digger

Heather Mills is just as crazy as she looks. Her recent divorce settlement with Paul McCartney gave her fifty million dollars but she is after more. In court, Sir Paul claimed that his total assets were worth 800 million. With this number, the court decided to grant Heather the 50 mil. But now she wants […]

Denise Richards Turns Charlie Sheen Into A Fairy

With her magic wand! Poof! Okay, maybe not with her magic wand, but with a little bit of help from her friends over at Kat Von D’s L.A. Ink tattoo parlour, and their magic wands… The little Charlie tattoo on Denise Richards‘ ankle is gone, baby, gone! From TMZ: “When celeb couples break up, there […]

Mr. McCartney’s Lyrics Strike Again

Paul McCartney has always written songs that seem to strike right at the heart. When with The Beatles, he wrote Hey Jude for Julian, the son of John Lennon, to comfort him while going through his parent’s divorce and just about any other song ever written by the singer just seems to have a way […]

McCartney’s Divorce is Over

Paul McCartney and Heather Mills are both finally done with their divorce settlement. The pair agreed to Mills receiving fifty million dollars. That’s a lot of dough just for being married to someone. From The Pop Crunch Show, “Both sides see this figure as fair and it would be extremely unlikely Heather would appeal and […]

Stop Boring Us Already

Lots of break-ups and messy divorces going on in Hollywood these days. Okay, that can be said for any day. Some divorces just won’t die and those directly involved need to come to some decisions and agreements so the rest of us can stop choking on the whole thing. One such case is the divorce […]

Paul McCartney Divorce Still Unresolved no cosmetics

Not a surprise, since this has been going on for roughly, oh, I don’t know… FOREVER! This divorce settlement, according to People, will be one of sephora natural mascara and of the eccobella and the most, if not the all natural foundation and the most, costly in the 100 pure skin and the world’s history. […]

McCartney’s Divorce Shrouded in Secrecy

Paul McCartney and his wife, Linda Mills, from whom he’s separated, returned to court today to reach a financial settlement. Rumours have it that McCartney could have as much as $1.6 billion dollars in assets while others say that it is closer to $390 million. But really, who’s counting after the first hundred million? Or […]

Heather Mills vs Paul McCartney

The legal battle between Heather Mills and ex Beatle Sir Paul MCCartney. Heather and Paul faced each other in the court the day before yesterday (28 Feb). Heather Mills claims that McCartney abused her while they were together. To be more specific, Mills says that he damaged her verbally and physically during their 4 years […]

Paul McCartney pays $380,000 to silence his dead wife…

Paul McCartney reportedly has paid $380,000 for his late wife Linda’s “audio diary” — and has revealed that second wife Heather Mills wants a $150 million divorce payoff, the New York Daily News reported yesterday, citing a story published Sunday in a London newspaper. The ex-Beatle was handed an envelope stuffed with audiotapes — which […]

You too can get rich off of the McCartney/Mills Split!

It’s no secret that Heather Mills stands to gain a ton of money from her divorce to Sir Paul McCartney. The couple did not sign a prenuptial agreement prior to tying the knot. Which, as we all know, was the stupidest mistake ever, means Heather is entitled to 1/2 of McCartney’s fortune. Estimates of the […]

McCartney’s keep it together for birthday party

he ugly divorce battle between Paul McCartney and Heather Mills McCartney was put on hold this weekend at their daughter Beatrice’s third birthday party, according to published reports.The two even spoke to one another during the 90-minute event, which was held at a children’s play center in East Sussex, England on Saturday, Britain’s Hello! magazine […]

Heather Mills to sue British Newspaper

Heather Mills McCartney’s lawyers said Tuesday she is suing two newspapers over “false, damaging and immensely upsetting” stories surrounding her divorce from Paul McCartney