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Your Daily Rihanna Update

Paris Completes her Trilogy

Paris Hilton sure is stupid. Of course everyone remembers when her first sex tape came out and then a second one came out and we all thought, or at least hoped, that we had seen as much as Paris as we could. Well, it turns out we will most likely see just a little bit more as […]

Benji’s got it Bad!

Benji Madden has got it bad for his ex, Paris Hilton. He has apparently lost eyes for all other women, no matter how many gorgeous brods Nicole Richie and Joel, his brother, bring his way. Not only that but Benji is making grand gestures of love to Paris – all in efforts to get her back. The type of gestures […]

Shocking New Couple Alert!!

So what would you think about it if Paris Hilton hooked up with George Clooney? It’s an odd combination but one that I might not be all that uncomfortable with. Paris turns into whoever she’s dating – she was the proper princess when she was engaged to that clone of hers, she became a rocker chic when she […]

Nicole and Joel are Getting Married

Paris and Benji are Finished!

Benji Opens Up

Paris may Procreate

Facing her own pregnancy rumors just a few short months ago, Paris Hilton is definitely not pregnant at the moment but it doesn’t mean that she won’t soon be. It seems that seeing Nicole Richie mother little Harlow may have had some sort of influence on Paris because she now too is thinking about babies. […]

Pink might be More Paris than she Thought

When it comes to celebrities who seem to have some fairly decent things to say, I usually include pop star Pink as one of the few. However, she has recently come out with a statement that has me scratching my head. While the sentiment is clear and sort of touching, I’m puzzled by her phrasing […]

Paris Beams and Benji Follows

Having just watched some bad old reruns of The Simple Life, I began to wonder where on earth dear Paris is and what about those rumors that a little Baby Paris of Baby Benji was on it’s way? Just as though she was thinking my thoughts herself, Paris manages to land herself in the gossip […]

Lindsay Coming off Rage and About tobe Wed

There’s been a big fuss lately about the comments that Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton has recently made regarding getting tougher on anti-paparazzi laws in the state. His statement included the mention of Lindsay Lohan and she retaliated almost immediately. From Canada.com, ” ‘If you notice,” he said, “since Britney started wearing clothes and […]

Kate No Longer Taking the Tour de Lance

This has been the summer of hot romances and unexpected break-ups. First Drew Barrymore and Justin Long have a whirlwind romance that seems to be unbreakable and they suddenly break up and now Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong have ended their intense summer romance for reasons that remain unknown. From the Daily Blabber, “The couple, […]

Is Paris Really Preggers?

As horrifying as this is, it sure is juicy! Paris Hilton has tongues wagging once again that she may just be carrying around a little one in that teeny-weeny tummy of hers. At the beginning of June, it was thought she may be pregnant after the now-famous photo of her in a green flowing dress […]

Celebrities Celebrate Father’s Day

Because Father’s Day was this past weekend, it seemed only appropriate to check in our favorite celebrities to see how they celebrated the dads in their lives as we celebrated the ones in ours. Here’s what they were up to! One of Hollywood’s newest hot and heavy couple, and Lance Armstrong spent the day with […]

Paris and Benji Go to Vegas

I first read this headline and thought, “Please God, tell me they didn’t get married!” My biggest fear (and I think everyone’s biggest fear at this point) is that the two will exchange nuptials and it won’t be long before they have little Paris and Benji spawns running around. It seems as though they didn’t […]

Debate Over Jimi Hendrix Sex Tapes

In the generation of sex tapes, here comes a story that is very disturbing. They are all disturbing in some way but I think when Paris Hilton’s story came out, most of us found it to be quite humorous and a true tribute to how stupid she really is. But now a tape has come […]

Madden’s Love Song to Paris send flowers in scarborough

Paris Hilton and Benji Madden are making our stomachs turn once again as they announce to world – once again – how much they love each other. Benji Madden has turned to what he knows best, music, to let Paris know just how much he loves her. From Digital Spy, “Paris Hilton has revealed that […]

Paris & Benji Make Headlines Again healthy smoothie recipes with kale

Paris Hilton and Benji Madden have made their way onto the recipe for pineapple mango smoothie and the pages of healthy smoothie recipes kale and of magazines and blogs everywhere once again. The latest news (that can actually be called news) is that Benji has very recently had hit-and-run charges thrown at him. From The […]

Are Seacrest and Monk Engaged?

Well, there’s no doubt that the two are dating. Ryan Seacrest and Sophie Monk have been seen together all over Hollywood, most recently at a Los Angeles sushi bar on Tuesday night. From Just Jared, “American Idol host and Australian singer/actress were spotted out on a date at an LA sushi restaurant on Tuesday. Ryan, […]

Rick Salomon & Pam Anderson: Marriage Between Magic Shows Dissolves

Why did these two even get married? What kind of woman looks at a video with some guy f*cking Paris Hilton, and says “Oh, he’s for me!” Who does that? Pam Anderson, of course. The woman who saw Tommy Lee, and saw him not as a sweaty, womanizing, dirt encrusted scumbag, but as a kind […]