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Pamela’s Kids Pay for her Past

What do you Think about Criss and Holly?

Pamela Anderson Denies Dating Rumors

I knew that this whole thing about Pamela Anderson and Michael Jackson dating had to be a joke and it turns out that Pamela Anderson thinks so as well. She will appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today and as usual, Ellen asks personal questions while keeping it light enough that the guests don’t even […]

Is this a Joke?

Or a bad publicity stunt maybe? Can Pamela Anderson and Michael Jackson really, truly be dating? Well it seems as though they are and that they actually have quite a bit in common. Oh, I almost choked on that last part. The two are dating in secret although I’m not personally close with either of […]

Has-Beens Now in the News

It seems this past week has had many stars emerging onto the covers of magazines and in blogs that to be frank, we may have forgotten all about. Or at least tried to. Here are the latest has-beens that have found their way back to the spotlight. Remember ? Don’t feel bad if you don’t. […]

Rick Salomon & Pam Anderson: Marriage Between Magic Shows Dissolves

Why did these two even get married? What kind of woman looks at a video with some guy f*cking Paris Hilton, and says “Oh, he’s for me!” Who does that? Pam Anderson, of course. The woman who saw Tommy Lee, and saw him not as a sweaty, womanizing, dirt encrusted scumbag, but as a kind […]

Everyone’s Having A Baby!

According to all the tabloids, it’s baby season in Hollywood. And it’s not even spring yet! Everyone knows about Joel Madden and Nicole Richie‘s new baby girl, , apparently named for the season in which she’s graced us. , at which we’re all sure she’s overjoyed, despite already having two adopted children with the once […]

Sylvester Stallone Gets Wife’s Portrait Tattooed On His Shoulder

Jennifer Flavin, wife of Sylvester Stallone, popularly known as “Rocky” even though, –as a side note, it kind of pisses me off that people call him that, the man has a name, gosh, –now has a lovely portrait of herself on Stallone‘s enormous shoulder and bicep. Not only is that sweet, it’s kind of hot […]

Pamela Anderson Is Servicing The Homeless mulberry website

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Pam Anderson’s Pregnancy Test: To Pee Or Not To Pee?

Kid Rocks Wishes Pam Anderson Well… best way to erase stretch marks

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Pam Anderson Is Really Getting Hitched?!

Pamela Anderson & Old, Amateur Porn Star Are Engaged

Pamela Anderson is engaged… again. And this time, the man with dubious luck isn’t a bad-boy rocker, he’s a bad-boy poker player! According to Pam, she was playing poker in her hotel suite one evening with Rick Soloman, the very same Rick Soloman who achieved fame and notoriety after making an incredible sum off of […]

Hans Klok Summons Up Pamela Anderson! are chia seeds good for high blood pressure

Pamela Anderson is dating a magician. That must be cool. She won’t have to pay for plastic surgery any more. Her new beau, Hans Klok (yes, that’s really his name), can just wave his “wand” and banish the chia seeds bloating and the sagging cottage cheese thighs, and Grand Canyon crow’s feet. Pam is currently […]

Pamela and Tommy back together?

Yes, folks, that is Pamela Anderson joining her ex-husband TommyLee for a game of tonsil hockey. This photo taken when they were having lunch with their kids – but does it mean they’re officially back together? Pamela didnt answer the question about that. Only time will tell…

Pam Anderson & Kid Rock: DUNZO!

Denise Richards & Pamela Anderson film movie