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Didn’t This Happen Last Year?

Kate, Kate, Kate. It seems that Kate Hudson can never venture into new waters as far as men are concerned as she’s famous for recycling her lovers such as her infamous on-again/off-again fling with Owen Wilson. Well it seems that union, which was recently reported to have been rekindled in February, has once again fizzled out and Kate has […]

Kate and Owen: Reunited!

That sound you hear is me squealing in delight as one of my favorite Hollywood couples have found their way back to each other once again! Yep, forget Madonna’s sloppy A-Rod seconds and forget handsome golfer-boy Adam Scott. There’s really only one true love for Kate Hudson and that is of course, Owen Wilson. It was just announced that […]

Kate and Lance the New Hottest Couple

Well forget all those rumors about Kate Hudson hooking back up with Owen Wilson because apparently, they just ain’t true. By the looks of things,Kate’s heart belongs to Sheryl Crow’s former fiance, Lance Armstrong. From Celebrity Dirty Laundry, “Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong only had eyes for each other at Dolce & Gabbana’s annual party […]

Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer: New Romance Or No?

There’s been so-o-o much speculation on who Jennifer Aniston is finally going to start dating. None of us want Jennifer Aniston to be a spinster, and since the home-wrecking slut-ball Angie Jolie showed up, Jen‘s been in and out of relationship rumors all the time. I mean, it honestly does look like there’s just no […]

Possible Romance Between Owen Wilson And Jennifer Aniston?

Who knows? The people on the scene tell Us Magazine that there was more a “just friends” kind of atmosphere between them. That’s great, both actors need good friends at this point in their lives, but at the same time, I kind of think they’d make a sweet couple. Owen Wilson needs someone as nice […]

Conan O’Brien Has A Stalker

…Albeit, it isn’t female. But it’s cute when the occasional Catholic clergyman decides to pick on someone his own size. Conan O’Brien isn’t twelve, but somehow, he has managed to attract the attentions, i.e., harassment, accusations, threats, etc., –from a Catholic priest. From The New York Times: “A priest from Boston has been charged with […]

Owen Wilson & Jessica Simpson: They’re Both Adorable Blondes

But, first and foremost, they are blondes. I love Jessica Simpson, s’truth, and I think she’s definitely the perfect thing for Owen Wilson right now, to help break up some of those dark clouds and all. Jessica and Owen will make a great couple if this thing develops and blossoms into a dingy blonde relationship. […]

Owen Wilson Tries To Kill Himself

Owen Wilson, who has always been the blonde babe, the happy slacker type of hunk, was discovered yesterday, having slit both of his wrists, and overdosed on pills. His friends and family members are all shocked, and so am I actually. Honestly, as sassy as I can be, I can only say, really that my […]

Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson in public appearance

Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson had a rare appearance in Broadbeach on Australia’s Gold Coast. Kate and Owen visited the PacificFair cinema in order to attend a private screening of Matthew McConaughey’s (a close friend of Wilson) “We are Marshall”. It seems that the pair is happy though they were very anxious about their public […]

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Owen Wilson: Still denying…

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