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Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry: Splitsville!

Aw, this is a split that really makes me sad. Partly because there’s little Nahla to think about, and partly because it’s Halle Berry and there’s just something about her I’ve always liked. Every time you see Halle Berry she just sort of exudes sophistication and class and, she’s a great actress to boot. Halle […]

Uh Oh! Whitney Houston is Going Back Rather than Coming Back!

I remember when I was watching the two-part Oprah where she had Whitney Houston on as a guest. The first part was a whole hour interview with Whitney while the second part was pretty much Whitney getting on stage and belting her glorious lungs out. But, it was during the first part that something struck […]

My Heart Goes Out to Sandra Bullock

Remember when Sandra Bullock won her award for Best Actress at the Oscar’s only a fewweeks ago? In her speech, Sandy spoke about her mom and with tears in her eyes, pointed to her husband, Jesse James and said, “and you’re why I have…that, and this (holding up Oscar.) Now Sandra may be thinking what […]

Charlie Sheen May be in a Heap of Trouble

So, anyone who marries Charlie Sheen after this is an idiot. Because this thing with Brooke Mueller is not going to last, and any marriage to Sheen just spells drama and trouble. This whole incident of Charlie beating the crap out of Brooke has led to a whole downward spiral of events that all equal […]

Another Wife Beater Does His “Time”

In this case, the wife beater is Charlie Sheen and the “time” he’s doing, is marriage counseling. Yep, I guess it’s okay to straddle your wife and choke her, as long as you’re willing to talk to some stranger about it more than a month later. Oh and sorry, he’s also going to AA. Good […]

Is This Weird?

Patrick Swayze’s widow, Lisa Niemi was on Oprah today to talk about the passing of her husband. Now, I really really hate to tramp on anything that a grieving person says but, seeing as how the actor has only been gone for a little over a month, and in combination with some of the things […]

Oprah has Mile-High Lawsuit on her Hands

Oprah Winfrey has a lot of money. What’s bad about that (for her), is that people know that she’s got a lot of money. Especially her ex-employees. One such ex is now suing the Queen of Daytime Talk for being illegally fired. Apparently, this employee, Corrinne Gehris, was fired after having sex in Oprah’s private […]

Chynna Phillips Seems Confused On Oprah

Okay, I purposely didn’t watch Oprah on Friday, as much as I love that woman and hate to miss her show. But, I knew that Chynna Phillips was going to be on, talking about her sister, Mackenzie’s, recent revelations on Oprah, that she had a very, very long-term affair with her father, John Phillips. This […]

Oh, Snap! Chris Brown Takes on Oprah!

After Chris Brown beat the crap out of Rihanna, Oprah Winfrey stepped in. Oprah did a show shortly after the beating about domestic abuse and the horrors that it carries. She also mentioned Chris and Rihanna specifically, and gave Rihanna the message to get out because “he will hit you again.” Harsh words. But, very […]

Oprah’s Words to Rihanna

Oprah’s a smart lady and what I love about her most is that she says what everyone else is thinking but doesn’t say. I haven’t had a problem with celebs keeping their mouths shut when it comes to talking about Rihanna and Chris Brown because they are these people’s colleagues and celebrities are in a situation where they […]

Cute Shiloh Talk

Well I guess the good thing about stars exploiting their children and having to listen ad nauseum about them, their family, their pets, and what their favorite foods are, is that somewhere in the mix you get the occasional cute-kid story. And this one with Shiloh, daughter of course to Brangelina, is surea giggler! From […]

Katherine Heigl will go to Korea

No, don’t worry, this “IT” girl (as Oprah called her) isn’t going there forever and but she may be going there soon. Katherine Heigl who was married last year to singer Josh Kelley has made it known that if the two are going to be having a baby, it’s not going to be coming out […]

Ellen andPortia’s Big Day is Here!!!

It’s no secret that Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have been planning a wedding even before the state of California declared same-sex marriage to be legal. What is just being reported however, is that the wedding is actually going to take place this weekend! Ellen had tried to throw people off, I think, by […]

Will Oprah Become a Minister?

Ellen DeGeneres announced back in May that her and her betrothed, Portia de Rossi would be officially married this summer after California decided that same-sex marriage should be allowed. We all knew that the wedding would be a grand affair and that only the hottest stars in Hollywood would be in attendance. However, it seems […]

Katie’s Got Some Moves of her Own

Just when everyone, myself included, had pegged Katie Holmes as backbone-less and someone who had been brainwashed by her husband, Tom Cruise, it seems that she may actually not be afraid to step up to the plate when it’s needed, after all. Or at least on some issues. While people were talking about Tom’s scientology […]

TomKat’s Humble Home Now Built

Well Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have completed construction on their new home in Beverly Hills and let me tell you, it’s a far cry from what we saw on Oprah when she and Tom were huddled in a cozy cabin in Teluride, Colorado. The estate, which is worth a whopping 35 million dollars, was […]

Madonna’s Son Officially Adopted

It became official today that Madonna has now legally adopted her son, David Banda. The singer took Banda into her home in 2006 with the intention of adopting him but it is only now that the process has finished. From US, “Banda’s biological father Yohane told Usmagazine.com exclusively: “I am glad this is over now. […]

Brad and Angelina Toted Among “Most Influential”

Do I need to say one more time that Brad and Angelina make me sick? Now they have been claimed in Time Magazine as one of the “Most Influential People.” They ranked as Number 21. According to Times they are “Heroes and Pioneers” and have sitting above them, deservingly so, Oprah Winfrey. PUH-LEAZE! You’ve got […]

Tom Cruise Sets it Straight With Oprah

This is why I watch interviews with celebrities that I’m not so fond of. Tom Cruise appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show yesterday. Oprah interviewed him in his home in Telluride, Colorado which Oprah said was, “just so normal!” Well, not exactly. I don’t believe a typical home includes a kitchen the size of a […]

Katie’s Sent for Brainwashing

It seems that all the rumors of a supposed divorce have just been too much for Tom Cruise and he has sent his wife, Katie Holmes, off to a Scientology boot camp so that she can become brainwashed into being a better wife. Of course, Tom or the other believers don’t call it that but […]