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Details on Nicole and Joel’s Wedding

It’s so nice to have all these details of weddings coming out. It’s such a nice change from talking about affairs and divorces. And with Carrie Underwood and Katy Perry getting married soon, it’s going to be a busy summer for celebrity weddings. And we can add to that list Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, […]

Nicole and Joel are Engaged!

After being together for more than three years and parenting sweet Harlow and little Sparrow together, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden have decided to make honest people of each other and tie the knot. The two have gotten engaged and although just when that happened is still up in the air, we do know it […]

“Merry Christmas!” from Nicole and Joel!

Star has just run some holiday pics that Nicole Richie put up on her website. The pics are of her family spending some good bonding time together over the holidays. But there’s no cheesy picking out the tree or hanging stockings here. Instead we Nicole, Joel, Harlow, and Sparrow just as they are, making faces and […]

What’s Up with Nicole and Joel?

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden have both been pretty quiet ever since their son Sparrow was born. But it seems, even if they haven’t been leading a very busy public life, life at home has been go-go-go. Not surprising with two children under the age of two. But there areconflicting reports as to whether or […]

Cutie Watch: Nicole and Harlow avocado and egg recipes

https://holistickenko.com/avocado-toast-with-a-fried-egg/ avocado and egg recipes We haven’t really seen or heard too much about Nicole Richie ever since she had her little boy Sparrow. But last week she was seen out and about with her first little bundle, Harlow. Aw, isn’t Harlow so cute? I just love those squishy little baby cheeks! And it’s hard […]

Nicole Richie Has a Bird!

No, she didn’t throw one of her famous screaming fits at any photographers – it’s not that kind of bird. But what Nicole Richie did do was give birth to a beautiful and bouncing baby boy very early yesterday morning. I think I may start referring to the kid as “The Bird” from now on […]

Bump Watch: Nicole Richie

Well you could knock me over with a feather when I saw this picture of Nicole Richie flaunting her baby bump on the beach with her main man, Joel Madden. Remember when these two first announced their pregnancy and Nicole went out in a little yellow outfit to an after-Oscar party. She was barely showing […]

Nicole and Joel are in for a Surprise!

Seeing as how I angered so many of you when I reported that Nicole Richie had a scare that something had gone wrong in her pregnancy, which later turned out to be untrue, I thought it was of high priority to report that another Nicole/Joel story has turned out to be untrue. It was announced last month […]

Nicole Richie’s Pregnancy Scare

It’s one of the most frightening things in the world for a woman when she is pregnant and thinks that something has gone wrong. So it was natural then that when Nicole Richie felt sharppains shooting through her very pregnant belly, she feared for the worst and pleaded with her baby daddy, Joel, to save her baby. […]

It’s a Boy for Joel and Nicole!

After having announced their pregnancy in late January, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden have found out that they’re having a boy! That’s very exciting news and it will be cute to see little Harlow with her new baby brother. Of course, a part of me is always a little bitter when things seem to always work […]

Bump Check: Nicole Richie

I think the last time Nicole Richie was spotted out in public with her newest bun in the oven and people made a big deal out of it, she was just barely, kinda, almost, not really even showing. But last week, she was seen out running about in a small black tank and that wee little […]

Even Lindsay Knows It’s True

Lindsay Lohan has finally decided to step back into reality for a moment and realize that she and her girlfriend, Samantha Ronson, have broken up. For good, it seems this time. She has come to this realization just recently, even though it was over the weekend that Sam changed the locks on her and banned her attendance from […]

Lilo and Sam Seem to be Over for Good

Lindsay Lohan has been denying rumors that she and her girlfriend, Samantha Ronson, have broken up ever since they first came out as a couple. But this time, it’s going to be pretty hard to deny. Not only did Sam throw a blow-out bash this weekend where her sister was the guest of honor and huge celebrities […]

Shocking Reese Behavior

While Reese Witherspoon has had her fair share of headlines regarding her love life, this story isn’t actually one of them. I’m posting it anyways simply because, it’s so shocking to hear about Reese acting in a way that’s anything other than calm, cool, fun, and of course, the ever-doting mother. But even Reese has her days and it […]

Bump Updates! what is wild orange oil good for

                   It seems as though the blood orange essential oil properties and the trend of homemade sugar body scrub and of having babies is over in Hollywood, with only a few bumps poking out here and there but two have been seen making their rounds as Alyson […]

Nicole’s Baby Bump – Already!

I guess it comes as no surprise that just days after Joel Madden’s announcement that his Baby Mamma, Nicole Richie, is pregnant again that they were seen out at a party on Sunday night and Nicole was already debuting her baby bump. Since she’s lost all that weight, you can see when the girl eats a sandwich […]

Nicole Richie is Pregnant Again!

The Richie/Madden household has been talking about expanding their family for some time now so I guess it comes as no surprise that Nicole Richie is once again pregnant and about to give Harlow a baby brother or sister and make Joel Madden her Baby Daddy once again. And the announcement came straight from the horse’s mouth via […]

Celebrity Baby Update

There’s no doubt that celebrity babies are as busy as their parents and recently, two of Hollywood’s most adorable faces were seenout and about, both on different continents. Harlow Winter Madden was seen out with her mom, Nicole Richie, recently for New York’s Fashion Week. I must say, the two looked pretty darn cute and as […]

Benji’s got it Bad!

Benji Madden has got it bad for his ex, Paris Hilton. He has apparently lost eyes for all other women, no matter how many gorgeous brods Nicole Richie and Joel, his brother, bring his way. Not only that but Benji is making grand gestures of love to Paris – all in efforts to get her back. The type of gestures […]

Joel and Nicole will be Busy

It wasn’t that long ago when it was announced that Joel Madden and Nicole Richie would be wed on their daughter, Harlow’s, first birthday and it seems that they may be planning another big event for the occasion as well – another conception. Well, these two certainly like to get things done all with one shot, don’t […]