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Neil Patrick Harris is In Love

Do I just live in a cave that I only recently found out that Neil Patrick Harris is gay? I found out before I read snippets of his interview in Out Magazine and then that interview confirmed it. I have to say, this is really too bad for me as I find him one of […]

Neil Patrick Harris is OUT and about…

Newly outed, Neil Patrick Harris enjoys a weekend stroll with his broadway boyfriend, David Burtka. The two picked up some fresh flowers and veggies.

Neil Patrick Harris is Happy AND Gay!

Despite the fact that Neil Patrick Harris’ rep recently told the media his “client wasn’t of that persuasion”…it has been confirmed he is in fact a gay man. This pastweek’s media speculation prompted Neil Patrick to come out to People Magazine. He says, “The public eye has always been kind to me, and until recently […]

Doo-Gay Howser?

Did you ever stop to wonder…were Doogie Howser and Vinnie more than just friends? Haha! Nah..me neither! Neil Patrick Harris’ sexuality has come into question since a Canada.com brief reported that Harris had gotten his longtime boyfriend, David Burtka, a guest role on the t.v. show, How I Met Your Mother. Burtka is an experienced […]