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Paris Hilton And Cisco Adler Drooling On Each Other In Public

Paris Hilton is apparently still shopping around, even though in a previous article, barely a week ago, Paris was running around with a moron from Australia, Tyler Atkins, t-shirt designer and apparently, amateur pharmacist. Who’s the lucky guy this week? Cisco Adler; sloppy seconds of Mischa Barton, and grunge-o extraordinaire. The guy just looks plain […]

We hear Mischa Barton was crying because…

Hollywood Heartbreaker received word that Mischa Barton recently broke down during an interview with a German Magazine. It seems the former OC star has broken up with her on-again/off-again boyfriend. No split has been confirmed yet.

Guess what Brandon Davis is for Halloween?

Brandon can thank Mischa Barton for his mention on this website. Normally, fathead, no-name, single guys don’t make it onto Hollywood Heartbreaker. But the fact that he at one time did date, ‘much ado about nothing’ Mischa Barton, he’s considered fodder for the Heartbreaker. Which is why I’m pleased to bring you Brandon Davis in […]