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Carrie Underwood Scores with Mike Fisher

It’s just now being reported that Carrie Underwood is dating Mike Fisher, who is the second line center for the Ottawa Senators but apparently, this relationship has been going on for months and the two are extremely happy together. Aw, this relationship makes me so happy I could cry! One of my favorite singers and a player […]

More Carrie Romance Rumors chia seeds and high blood pressure

Since she began dating Tony Romo and their subsequent breakup, people have been very interested in Carrie Underwood’s love life. And since she’s one of chia seed benefits and of my favorite artists, I always have been too. The last rumor had her hooking up with Michael Phelps in what looked to have the are […]

Phelps Sparks Cat Fight at VMAs

Okay so this maybe the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. First of all, I’m so over Michael Phelps and this celebrity status that he has achieved. I’m not denying the boy is good but the drama that already surrounds him is ridiculous. The first rumors to circultate were that he and Carrie Underwood were planning […]

Michael Phelps is a Popular Boy

Just a few days ago itwas reported that fourteen-time Olympic medal winner, Michael Phelps, was planning a “quiet, first date” with country singer Carrie Underwood. Well it seems that Michael impressed more than just the judges this past year as Carrie is not the only one that’s interested. It seems that Lindsay, who has been […]

Carrie and Michael Getting Along Swimmingly

Ever since her breakup with Tony Romo, people have been talking about who Carrie Underwood’s potential replacements may or may not be and we have all been ear-marking the stars that we would most love to see her with. Well it seems that Ms. Underwood was paying very special attention this year to the 2008 […]