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Michael Lohan Will Do Anything for Publicity

So we all know Michael Lohan is a douche, right? He’s a douche to his kid, Lindsay, he’s a douche to his ex-wife, Dina, and he’s a douche to just about everyone in his life. The only people, in fact, that Michael Lohan is not a douche to, are the media. He truly will do […]

Were Lindsay and Heath Dating when He Died?

I can’t believe that Michael Lohan would stoop so low. Okay, I can. No I can’t. I can’t believe that anyone would drag someone who has passed away into one of many family fights. By now we all know that Michael Lohan is being his usual douche bag self and selling any taped conversations that […]

Michael Lohan Should Take Lessons from Jamie Spears

I hate to lump Michael Lohan’s name in with Jamie Spears when it comes to celebrity dads but sadly, when people hear the word ‘conservatorship’, they automatically think of Britney Spears and the legal hold that her dad still has over her. Unfortunately for Michael Lohan, that was a case of a father actually seeing […]

Michael and Lindsay Both have Such a Way With Words

The Lohans are quite a bunch, aren’t they? Lindsay keeps publicly telling her dad, Michael to shut the hell up and Michael keeps publicly talking about, well, anything really. This time Michael has gone to the Maury Povich Show to talk about how his dear daughter has whittled herself down to almost nothing and Lindsay […]

More on Sam, Michael, and Lindsay

I really don’t know who isn’t sick to death just yet of the whole Samantha Ronson/Lindsay Lohan/Michael Lohan ordeal but I’m getting tired of all the media whores that are constantly cropping up on the scene and these are 3 people that just won’t quit. Lindsay recently blogged about just finding out that her daddy is also […]

The Lohans in the News Again!

I’m really getting sick of all of the Lohans being in the news whether it’s Michael talking about how screwed up his daughter is or Dina on her stupid realityTV show. I even really like Lindsay but even the news surrounding her has become boring and tired and I’m just sick of hearing about it. […]

Lindsay Doesn’t Attend Grandfather’s Funeral

Okay, so I don’t understand why everyone is so all over Lindsay Lohan about not attending her grandfather’s wake. The announement that he had passed away came almost mere moments after the latest very public battle with her father and he mentioned in one of his press releases that he expected everyone to be in […]

Michael Lohan Won’t Shut Up!

Just as everyone predicted, Michael Lohan has come back to themedia after his daughter Lindsay accused him of being out of control and a media hog. This is especially interesting to me because from the reports that I read, it was Samantha Ronson that talked the most trash about Mr. Lohan and while Lindsay posted […]

Don’t Mess with Lindsay and Sam!

Michael Lohan should know better by now to not run to the media with gripes about his daughter – especially when it involves her girlfriend, Samantha Ronson.These two are an extremely strong force when together and Lindsay’s dad – of all people! – should realize that they will not simply lie down and let you […]

More of Lilo’s Messed Up Family

Well, while Lindsay Lohan’s mom, Dina Lohan has seemed to be trying to make peace with her daughter by making gestures such as welcoming Lindsay’s girlfriend, Samantha Ronson into the family publicly, Lindsay’s father is taking another tactic when publicly speaking about his daughter’s relationship. The Evil Beet quotes him as saying, “I’m not happy,” […]

Lindsay Lohan and Dad Make Fight Very Public

Michael Lohan Won’t Leave The Divorce Alone!

Dina Lohan is not the most celebrated parent in the world, for her obvious missteps in raising her daughter, Lindsay Lohan. I’ve compared her in the past to some pretty classic screw-ups, such as Lynne Spears, and she’s definitely on my Worst Celebrity Parents list, which pretty much starts with Angelina Jolie. Yes, I know, […]

Lindsay Lohan & Riley Giles: DUNZO!

Do you know, it’s funny, I keep wanting to type Riles Giley? What the hell? Anyway, Lindsay Lohan, known as Firecrotch to –most people, has broken up with poor Riley Giles, the guy no one knew until she picked him out of rehab, –a relationship destined to last, we all thought. From People: “Lindsay Lohan […]

“Porno Paparazzi Girl, I Don’tWanna Be A Stupid Girl…”

is still planning on eventually moving away from Pete Doherty. You know, after all the heroin implants they’ve been through together… for a whopping four days for her DUI charges. I wonder how long before she gets a mysterious illness too? Britney Spears takes her children for a vacation in Las Vegas without getting Kevin‘s […]