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Michael’s Mom Will Get His Kids

This is exactly why I didn’t understand all of the hoopla surrounding Michael Jackson’s will and who would get his kids. Since Michael’s will stated that his kids would go to his mother, Katherine Jackson, I didn’t understand why there was any question about it. She seemed ready, willing, and able, and was even willing […]

Omer Bhatti is Not Michael Jackson’s Son

When there were rumors spreading that Omer Bhatti, one of Michael Jackson’s close and younger friends, was really the secret son of the King of Pop, Michael’s family claimed that the rumors were untrue. Friends and family both said that Michael wanted to be the boy’s father and called himself so sometimes but, that it […]

Is This Just a Little Too Convenient?

So ever since Michael Jackson died, people have been wondering and speculating on who the biological mother of his youngest child, Blanket, is. I don’t know why people didn’t wonder more about this while he was alive, and now all of a sudden there’s a big fuss but, it’s been one of the question marks […]

Did Michael Jackson Have a Secret Son?

I’m so angry at myself for being sucked in by this headline and reading any further that first, I must apologize for doing the same thing to you. I think we all knew that after Michael Jackson died, there were going to be all kinds of people, and details, coming out about his life all […]

Michael’s Burial Plans

I knew the coverage on Michael Jackson’s death was going to get bad. But, I don’t think I realized that his death would not only shed some light on what a freak the man was, but also what freaks his family are. I’m sorry, but I don’t really understand how everyone can just conveniently forget […]

The Custody Saga of MJ’s Kids Continues

Michael Jackson died and everyone immediately started talking about custody of his kids. That’s pretty normal I think, when anyone passes away. And I think it’s even normal that everyone should want the children to go to them. Add to that the fact that these children come with millions of dollars attached to them, and […]

Joe Jackson Proves He’s a Schmuck

I really didn’t think about Joe Jackson, Michael’s dad, too much before Michael’s death. I think, thankfully, most of us had forgotten about him once the spotlight turned full-force on the King of Pop. But ever since Michael’s death, Joe Jackson has been front and centre. We’ve heard more from him than anybody else in […]

Custody Case of MJ’s Kids Postponed

I’m not really too sure what’s going on with the custody case of Michael Jackson’s kids. I’m not too sure anyone is. Last I had heard, Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson, was given temporary custody and it was to remain that way until another hearing in August, when a more permanent decision would be made. […]

Britney’s Family Fun and Warning from MJ

Britney Spears is still busy in Europe killing crowds with her new Circus tour but she took a break this past weekend to spend some time with her boys at the good old fashioned tourist attraction, the Eiffel Tower. I have to say that in this picture, I’m not really loving Britney’s look but then […]

Michael Jackson’s Memorial Service

Well, I have to be honest, I didn’t watch Michael Jackson’s memorial service today. I was planning on it but my satellite conked out during the afternoon and so, I missed it. I actually took it as a good sign. Now, I could just read about it and not feel bad that I missed watching […]

Daniel Radcliffe is More than Just Harry Potter

When the first Harry Potter movie came out, I wondered what would happen to Daniel Radcliffe. If he would just become this boy who starred in the Potter movies before becoming an unknown, or if this series of movies would fling his acting career into full throttle. At first, it seemed that the former was […]

I Knew Michael Jackson Would Have a Will!

Yeah, that really didn’t take no dummy, now did it? Of course with the teams of lawyers that Michael Jackson has worked with over the years and all of the legal advice that he has undoubtedly heard, someone along the way surely would have mentioned the man might want to make a will! That’s why […]

Michael Jackson’s Mom Gets Temporary Custody

The question of who will get Michael Jackson’s kids has been quickly, if only temporarily, resolved. The children, Prince, Paris, and Blanket, have been being looked after by Michael Jackson’s parents, Katherine and Joseph Jackson and Katherine had made a request to the courts that she be granted custody. The courts granted her wish yesterday […]

Janet Speaks about Michael at the BET Awards

The Jackson Family Makes a Statement

Britney Continues to Confirm Jason Trawick as New BF

Who will get Michael’s Kids?

Good-bye, Michael

Jackson Looking to Adopt

I don’t doubt that Michael Jackson  is looking to adopt another child but what I don’t understand is why he would think that anybody would actually grant him the rights to another child. I understand that he was never actually charged with any kind of child abuse but he did settle out of court for […]

Kutcher’s Bad Taste

Just when I start to think that I may like Ashton Kutcher after all, he does something that proves that he really is just an immature 10-year-old at heart and that, no matter how old his wife is, he will never change. Now he has decided to take one of thebiggest Hollywood scandals and use […]