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First Pics of Sarah Jessica Parker’s & Matthew Broderick’s Girls!

It’s so nice on a day that is filled with news about Michael Jackson’s will and Farrah Fawcett’s funeral that we can turn to lighter – and much happier! – news. It was just days ago that Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick welcomed their twin girls, Marion and Tabitha and they have already released […]

Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick are Parents Again!

The much anticipated birth of the twin girls of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick has finally happened! The twin baby girls were born in Ohio, presumably early today or yesterday, although the Daily Mail doesn’t specify. We do know however, that everyone is doing well and that the Parker/Broderick clan are thrilled to finally […]

The Price of Being a Surrogate best liver cleanse

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Surrogate has no Privacy

I imagine that when you agree to become the surrogate for uber-celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, one of your biggest concerns is that your life will not be the same for at least 9 months of your life. Not only are you pregnant but you’re pregnant for famous people, which kinda puts […]

Matthew and Sarah Jessica are Getting Ready!

Matthew Broderick recently appeared on Letterman, where they both talked about the recent announcement that Matthew was going to be having twin girls with his wife, Sarah Jessica Parker. Matthew opened up on how he’s nervous about having little pink things all over the house while they also talked about James Wilkie’s reaction to the bundles that are soon to […]

Sarah Jessica and Matthew Broderick to Have Twins!

I never really thought that Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick were getting divorce. I did think that their marriage was on shaky grounds and that SJP was going through a pretty miserable time. I also thought all of this galavanting about the town arm in arm like the happy couple was a load of bull but if […]

Sarah Jessica’s Obvious Mistake

Sarah Jessica Parker has been under much scrutiny lately after the affair her husband, Matthew Broderick, had became public knowledge this past summer. Many assumed that she would immediately leave the actor but through it all, Sarah Jessica has stood by her man. Will it last? Who knows but if this marriage is doomed, SJP mayjust have something to […]

Dare SJP Say She’s Happy?

It came as a huge shock this summer when itcame out that Matthew Broderick had cheated on his wife and the mother to his child, Sarah Jessica Parker. Poor Sarah Jessica looked so sad every time we saw her out and about and I’m not talking a pathetic kind of sad just sad like a woman who didn’t […]

Some Divorces are more than Sad toronto delivery gifts

Madonna and Guy Ritchie are getting a divorce. Are you surprised? Probably not because I don’t think anyone’s surprised about this one. Although there have been rumors for months and months and months about these two being headed for Splitsville, they actually started in March, when it was told that they would divorce but that […]

Cheaters Don’t Do Counselling

I think it’s so funny how the person in the wrong of a major relationship deal-breaker never wants to do anything to fix it. That certainly seems to be the case here with Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick. I reported just days ago that they had been spotted around New York on several occasions […]

Matthew and Sarah Jessica Spotted Again

While the news of Matthew Broderick’s affair has died down some, he and wife, Sarah Jessica Parker still attempt to show that they are a very happily married couple as they stroll through the New York City streets. Parker may be trying to pump up her latest projects, as it was the same day that […]

Sarah Jessica Hints about her Marriage

It was only a few weeks ago that it broke that Matthew Broderickhad cheated on his wife, Sarah Jessica Parker, after 11 years of marriage. The two try very much to stay out of the limelight and have their entire relationship but immediately after the story broke, the two went on a very public date […]

Sarah Jessica and Matthew Put on Happy Faces

I saw a headline in a magazine that shall remain nameless early in the week claiming that Matthew Broderick, husband to Sarah Jessica Parker, and father to their son, James Wilkie, had an affair with a younger woman. I immediately dismissed it as crap just because these two seem like one of those couples that […]

Hanging Out With the Kids

It’s easy to assume that in the world of Hollywood, it’s all about nannies and nurses when it comes to child care. But here is proof that not all celebrities leave their children in the hands of others. Well, at least not all the time. And although there are many horror stories of bad mothers […]