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Tom Cruise Sets it Straight With Oprah

This is why I watch interviews with celebrities that I’m not so fond of. Tom Cruise appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show yesterday. Oprah interviewed him in his home in Telluride, Colorado which Oprah said was, “just so normal!” Well, not exactly. I don’t believe a typical home includes a kitchen the size of a […]

Katie’s Sent for Brainwashing

It seems that all the rumors of a supposed divorce have just been too much for Tom Cruise and he has sent his wife, Katie Holmes, off to a Scientology boot camp so that she can become brainwashed into being a better wife. Of course, Tom or the other believers don’t call it that but […]

Matt Lauer Is A Hypocritical Ass

So, Matt Lauer sat with Britney Spears, on ‘Today’, bold-facedly questioning her parenting skills, and why she would ever drive a car with her child in her lap. And then, this same self-righteous imbecile gets caught –on camera, riding in the back of an SUV with his kid in his lap. Nice one, chief. From […]