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Matt Damon and Luciana are Expecting Again

Matt Damon makes me sad. I used to love him so much that I actually considered him one of my favorite actors. Then he went on and on in some dumb interview about how we should all be giving money to Africa, and how it’s ridiculous when people say that they can’t afford $1 a […]

Another Member Joins Matt’s Ladies

The picture this family makes, I can barely stand it! Matt Damon and his wife, Lucy Damon welcomed their third baby daughter into the fold yesterday and everyone seems to be healthy and happy! From the Daily Blabber, “Matt and Lucy Damon had a baby girl named Gia Zavala on Wednesday, Aug. 20th. Everyone’s doing […]

Matt Damon Doesn’t Care Who’s Dating Who

Before everyone starts yelling at me about how much they love Matt Damon, I just want to be clear in saying that ever since Good Will Hunting, I too have not been able to get enough Damon in my life. However, he has come out lately with some very stupid remarks regarding the relationship between […]

Matt Damon About to Become a Dad Again

In my favorite news of the day, Matt Damon and his wife, Luciana, are about to have another little girl!! The couple, who were married in 2005 at a surprise ceremony in New York City Hall after a brief three-month engagement period. Just less than three years after their wedding date, they are now expecting […]

Jimmy Kimmel Is Going To Get A Rosie O’Donnel Lap Dance? infuser water bottle recipes

There are some days when I am sooo happy I don’t actually own a television; even though, as an American, I’m surrounded by them. However, that still means that my chances of how to make fruit water drinks and of seeing Rosie O’Donnel give Jimmy Kimmel a lap dance. It’s not that I have anything […]