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Is Mary-Kate Pregnant?

They may have once been cute but the Olsen twins these days are generally known for stirring up trouble. This time the attention is turned to Mary-Kate and she’s not in trouble…per se…but I suppose it’s all in how you view it. Celebrity Dirty Laundry has recently received a ‘hot tip’ that she may finally […]

Mary-Kate Olsen Has A New Man!

And of course, as the heir to billions, he’s loaded. Mary-Kate Olsen met, and gold-diggered her way into the arms of Lapo Elkann, the sole heir of the Fiat fortune while in Paris. The two are actually a great match, in myopinion, since both are notable for their party lifestyles. From Popsugar: “Mary-Kate Olsen was […]

Mary-Kate Olsen & Stavros Niarchos: Pissing Off Paris One Tryst At A Time

Mary-Kate Olsen and Paris Hilton‘s on-off boytoy, Stavros Niarchos are back together, and making out in puiblic and all that fun stuff. I get the two confused… is it Ashley Olsen or Mary-Kate that likes men old enough to be their father? I can’t keep them straight, so most likely, both. From Life & Style: […]