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Is Mariah Carey Pregnant?

I’m sure I’ve done a post with this headline before. In fact, I’m sure I’ve done a few posts with this headline before. It does seem like we are constantly asking if Mariah Carey is pregnant. Maybe because many people desperately want her to be, or maybe because her ever-expanding tummy from too many sandwiches […]

Is Mariah Carey Seeking In Vitro?

Mariah Carey has been giving us all nightmares ever since she’s been talking about wanting to have babies. And now, just when we all thought we were safe, it seems as though she’s still trying. At least according to the National Enquirer and an anonymous source of theirs. Apparently, Mariah has been seeing a Beverly […]

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Renew Wedding Vows

Oh, this makes me a little bit sick. Only because I find Mariah Carey to be very upsetting to my stomach, and she and Nick Cannon have renewed their wedding vows. And while I’m happy for them that they think having the ability to stay together for two whole years is some kind of grand feat, […]

Mariah Carey Tries to Diss Eminem

Mariah Carey seems to think that she can be as brilliant and cutting as Eminem is in his lyrics but, she is wrong. Her and her little whipping boy, Nick Cannon have gotten themselves all up in aflutter over Em’s lyrics in his song Bagpipes from Baghdad, which is on his latest album, Relapse. In […]

Another Celebrity Feud with Eminem

It’s no secret that Eminem makes no secret of who he has a problem with. Whether he be cursing people out in his lyrics or simply straight up dissin’ em in an interview, Em’s got a way of letting people know just what he thinks and he don’t really give two toots what you have to say […]

Looks Like Mariah and Nick Made It!

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are officially out of the honeymoonperiod and into a real marriage as they celebrated their 1-year anniversary last night with their closest friends at the Palm’s Palace in Las Vegas. The celebration, which was much more public than their secret wedding last April, sounds like it was a huge lavish affair complete […]

Mariah’s Got to Blame Something on That Dress!

I often wonder if Mariah Carey looks at herself in a mirror before she leaves her house and apparently, she has proven me correct by showing us all that she in fact, does not. She was out this past Sunday at Easter brunch with her husband and whipping boy, Nick Cannon and it seems that some generous […]

Oh the Horror! Little Mariah’s may be on the way!

She has just fought off her own onslaught of pregnancy rumors and now it goes, according to the National Enquirer that Mariah Carey is snap-snapping her fingers and forcing little Nicky-boy to go get some invasive testing done at a fertility clinic. So this means that though she may not have a tiny little Glitter babyin her oven […]

Nick is Once Again Mariah’s Beotch! matcha tea adrenal fatigue

I sort of agari green tea and of feel sorry for Nick Cannon. For whatever reasons, he fell in love with Mariah Carey and ever since, has become the matcha and the laughingstock of agari green tea and of Hollywood. Not only just for dating her, let alone marrying her, but because it’s become a running […]

Mariah and Nick are Happy!

I think when Mariah Carey married Nick Cannon this past spring, most of us would have been very surprised if it lasted longer than 6 months. But apparently, the two are very happy together and were just seen out this past weekend looking for a new abode for themselves. I guess those pregnancy rumors will be […]

Mariah Proves Once Again She’s a Janet-Wannabe

It’s no secret that ever since she burst onto the music scene at some unfortunate time in the 1990s, Mariah Carey has done everything she could to copy Janet Jackson’s image. She wore the tight, black spandex and the big, hoop earrings and I’m sure that she would have spent much more time in choreography if she […]

Nick Cannon Won’t be Mariah’s Whipping Boy Anymore

Wasn’t it just last week that Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey were holding their fabulous impromptu wedding that we all knew was pretty much for shock factor. Well it hasn’t taken long for Mr. Cannon to grow tired of being Ms. Diva’s whipping boy anymore. From the sounds of it, Nick is extremely tired of […]

Carey and Cannon Now Married

The idea of marriage is sometimes quite laughable in Hollywood and here’s one that will have us rolling on the floor. Apparently, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have gotten married after rumors were spreading for a whole five days that the two were engaged. From Gossip Girls, “In the latest installment of celebrities rushing to […]

Mariah Carey Gets A Recycled Ring!

Haha! Serves her right. Sorry, guys, but Mariah Carey to me is just so… ew. You rarely see her wearing an entire outfit; whereas other celebrities occasionally cover themselves up. Then there’s the whole Mariah Carey issue with her completely blowing off her fans, and her weird attitude about children. So when rumors start in […]

Carey and Cannon: Engaged?

There are very few, if any,  celebrities that I hate more than Mariah Carey. It’s been nauseating to sit through all of her interviews and the rest of the media coverage listening to her go on and on about her new album that’s coming out. I think it’s called, “Yup! I’m still crazy!” Now she […]

…Kids Don’t Want Mariah Carey Either spirulina while pregnant

At least they would if they heard her reasons for not having any children. Mariah Carey is about two inches deep and gradually drying up, in my personal opinion. For example, Carey‘s dismissal of spirulina pregnancy side effects and of a sponsored event in which hundreds of vegan diet vitamin b12 and of fans showed […]

Mariah Carey & Jennifer Lopez: Cat Fight Fever?

Apparently, those damn bloggers are at it again! Rubbing Mariah Carey and J-Lo‘s good names in the dirt by saying that neither can stand each other, even including ‘false’ quotes from Mariah about how loathsome she is to share a stage with J-Lo. From People: “Mariah Carey is fighting back against a new Internet report […]

Jessica Alba Has Herpes! Ew! flowers hamilton delivery

We all thought Jessica Alba was one hell of flower delivery in hamilton and of a hotty. Turns out, she’s actually quite a… well, “notty.” The latest bit of florist hamilton and of gossip about Jessica Alba is that she has Herpes, and that she got it from Derek Jeter of send flowers hamilton and […]